3 Distinct Planetary Movements In Your Birth Chart That Affect Your Life-ddrtys

UnCategorized In your birth or natal chart, planets are having any of these three movements: direct, retrograde, or stationary motion towards the Zodiac. The sun and the moon, however, which are still called planets in Astrology, never appear to be retrograde or stationary. The way these planets move give different meanings to your life as they appear in your birth chart. To help you better understand your life, it is important to learn about the different aspects of your birth chart. Your personality, your behavior, and the events that happen in your life are interpreted through the different planetary motions in relation to the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The following manners by which planets move through the Zodiac give different meanings to your life: . Direct motion A planet in direct motion literally means that the planet is in forward or direct motion towards the Zodiac. It signifies outward expression of the planet’s energy at the point in your life. Let’s take for example the planet Mercury, which rules our mentality. When Mercury appears to be in direct motion in your birth chart, you will be able to communicate easily, thus promoting more understanding and less confusion or apprehension. Retrograde motion Retrograde motion is the opposite of direct motion. Though a planet never moves backward, a planet in retrograde seems to be moving backward or against the Zodiac in your birth chart. This illusion is caused by the movement of a particular planet against the orbiting of the Earth around the sun. You need to consider that a planet’s revolution varies from those of other planets, including the Earth. When in retrograde motion, it is said that the affairs of that planet are slowed down and are more internalized. During these points in your birth chart, you will be more introspective and will sometimes find it hard to express what you truly think or feel inside. In our example, if Mercury is found retrograde in your birth chart, you might take some time thinking before saying something or you may not be able to effectively communicate at all. Some planets in retrograde also say something about your past life and where an unfinished business is pursued at present. These planets include Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Stationary motion Though a planet never stops moving, it appears to be on halt, as it shifts from direct motion to retrograde (stationary retrograde) or retrograde to direct (stationary direct). There is great influence in stationary motion since the energy of the planet is concentrated in this Zodiac of your birth chart. Changes or shifts in your personality or behavior may be seen during these points in your birth chart. In our example, when Mercury is in stationary retrograde, you might you see yourself starting to have the difficulty in communicating. On the other hand, when in stationary direct, it is said to be the time when your ideas are set. You will able to move on from your hesitations and soon effectively communicate. Whatever these planetary movements mean to your existence, remember that you are in control of your life. These are just warnings to help you prevent failures and help you see opportunities for a more meaningful life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: