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Marketing The honeymoon is over. Your book has been out for over a year now. Book sales have slown down from your initial Big Push marketing by you and/or your publisher. You realized your dream. You experienced the speaking and book tour. You may have already setup book signings, press releases, book reviews, distributors and even wholesalers on your own. Yet you still have a lot of unsold books. Don’t be discouraged, as with all honeymoons there’s always a season of reality-checks to bring us back to earth. Now is the time to go to the next level. Join the Information Revolution of the new millennium. If you are willing to explore new realms, there’s another way to market your book inventory stacked in the garage. Use the Internet to bring your book sales to a new level. There’s a whole new online audience in your field waiting for your insightful book. Therefore, your book marketing plan should include: 1.Creating a direct response website. A direct response site commonly called a mini-site will serve one purpose. That one purpose will be to sell your book. Therefore, there’s no community buttons, forums, articles or page of links. The links that are present will lead only to your order page. The front or home page contains your sales letter. The sales letter acts as a mini-salesman that’s on duty 24/7 to tell anyone interested about your book. 2.Selling your print books online. You can sell thousands of your print books online. Simply set up an order page with the ability to receive credit cards. According to your business field you may already have a merchant account. If so, your merchant account provider will be happy to create an online account with virtual terminal. No merchant account? No worries. There are 3rd party payment processors that specialize in handling secure online transactions. Companies like PayPal, 2Checkout and host of others now handle thousands of online transactions daily. Most even have connections to handle shipping charges as well. 3.Developing short ebooks. If your print book is short enough, you can simply convert your book from word document to PDF (portable document format.) If not, use short excerpts from each chapter to compile your e-chapters. Develop your e-book with pages from 10-100. Make it the same topic as your book formatted with sections and/or chapters. If your time permits, you might consider adding additional value for your reader by writing each new ebook chapter to answer a list of problems your audience has. Include several solutions, illustrations, exhibits, checklist and/or worksheets. Compile into an ebook then give it away to your website visitors to promote your longer version print book. 4.Writing short articles. I am almost sure like me you have the material needed for your articles in your book research files, speeches, life long experiences, your skills, hobbies or career. You might have extra information that wasn’t room for in your book. Now is a perfect time to revisit that information. Begin to examine your life for article ideas related to your book topic. You might be surprised at what you find. Translate any of these into short articles with 400-1200 words. Also, simply use excerpts from your book to convert to short articles. For example, even from my shortest book, I was able to excerpt small pockets of information and develop into short articles. 5.Creating short reports. Expand your article with stories, examples, illustrations, exhibits and resources. Create a three-twelve page report full of specific information your audience wants. Put your report or e-course on auto-responder so that you can collect the email address of each person interested. That way, if they don’t buy from you after receiving your free useful report, they get other opportunities to buy from you as they receive additional emails from you. Every one that has sold thousands of books had to start somewhere less than the best seller list. Realize that kind of sales took time to grow. Remember, it depends on how much time you are willing to invest. Think about how much effort you invested in writing your book then be willing to put at least an equal amount of time into marketing it. Get started now; a whole new internet market awaits your message. Start by selling those books stacked in your garage. Sell more books and prosper! ======== About the Author: 相关的主题文章: