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Home-Improvement Soleus Energy Star dehumidifiers are innovative works of technological art. Giving you more options for how and where you can use a dehumidifier, Soleus Air’s goal is to provide its customers with portability, durability and affordability with environmentally friendly products. The Soleus Energy Star dehumidifiers are available in a variety of models and sizes ranging from a 25-pint capacity up to 70 pints. All Soleus Air dehumidifiers are lightweight, making them a cinch to move from room to room as needed. The smallest model is 27 pounds and the largest is only 44 pounds, with other sizes in between based on capacity limits. A sleek and streamlined design allows them to blend in with any decor. Additional features are available and vary by model number. These include auto shut-off to prevent overflow and a "bucket full" indicator, a large capacity front-load removable water bucket, low temperature operation options down to as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, auto-defrost, adjustable humidistat, loss of power protection with auto-restart, manual soft touch controls and a rotary compressor. The power supply is a standard 110/120V (60 Hz) on most of the Soleus dehumidifiers; however, a few models are 115V (also 60z). Wattage ranges from 350W for the smaller model and increases as pint capacity increases up to 850W. Soleus Energy Star dehumidifiers, of course, come standard with the Energy Star label. What does this mean for you? This EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) label helps to identify appliances and other products that are energy efficient. This helps the consumer save money and to do her part to protect the environment as well. This label identifies a product as having passed very strict energy guidelines. Typically these products will be 10-20% more energy efficient than comparable non-rated models. Dehumidifiers are quickly becoming the next must-have appliances in many homes. They are valuable tools for cutting down the humidity in the indoor air, helping to make your environment a lot more comfortable. Because moisture in the air is the leading cause of mold growth (a contributor to numerous lung problems) dehumidifiers are the answer to preventing or minimizing said mold. These small appliances can also greatly reduce allergens and toxins in the air, preventing and lessening the effects of asthma, allergies and other lung diseases. The bottom line: you’ll breathe a lot more comfortably year-round! Why should you buy a Soleus Energy Star dehumidifier? Not only are these beauties top-rated small appliances, but they won’t send you into the red. Soleus Energy Star dehumidifiers range in price from just under $100 to a few hundred dollars (price varies based on where you purchase your dehumidifier). Comparable dehumidifiers easily run $700, $800, to over $1,000! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: