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Internet-Marketing You can make money with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an amazing contextual advertising program that lets you earn revenue from your site by a variety of revenue generating programs without any selling on your part. You just need a website or free blog and Google does the rest. Google uses pay per click ads, Adsense for search, referrals for Firefox with Google toolbar, Picassa, Google Pack and the adsense program itself to generate revenue for you and, of course, for Google. There is definitely good money that can be made if you follow all the rules exactly that are given in the adsense policies. Play by their rules and you will make money. What you should NOT do: 1. Never change the Google adsense HTML code. If this is a mystery to you, good. It’s not something you want to learn. 2. Don’t ask your friends and your relatives to click on your Google ads and never hint to your visitors to click on the ads either. This is fraud and they will come after you. 3. Never label the Google ads with text that says anything other than "sponsored links" or "advertisements". You know who will get you, right? you can check it out from 4. Never click on the ads that are on your page. Google has prepared for this, and they will know. This is fraud and they will come after you. 5. Never put a Google ad block in a pop-up window or in error pages. Not even on empty pages. You don’t want to put something on a page just to try to make money on an accidental click. Again, this is fraud and will not work for long. Here is what you SHOULD do: Webmasters can make Adsense more successful by focusing on attracting more visitors to their sites. There are several ways to accomplish this. Improving content is critical, as visitors are more likely to view the site when it holds quality material. Market to the right people, and take every opportunity to give the website url exposure. Develop a mailing list, create a newsletter, offer a free item to encourage sign-ups, and publish a form on the website that allows visitors to request more information. This is all free advertising, which keeps viewers aware of the website and encourages new viewers to visit. The more of it that is done, the faster traffic will increase and the more clicks on Google ads you will get and the more money you will can also go to Google pays you monthly when your earnings reach $100. This may take a while to accumulate because it takes a while to build traffic to your website or blog. The Google Adsense checks are a blessing to a large number of newbies with low budgets eager to make money from home. The possibility is there if you have a website with good content. Visitors will always come back. Since Adsense is web based, you must have a website or blog to participate. This is not a problem. There are dozens of free websites and blogs you can get. Just do a web search. Once your website or blog is ready and the contents optimized, you can submit your application to Google. The Adsense program is not just for high page rank sites as some seem to think. Brand new sites or blogs also qualify. Try the free They are owned by Google and have Adsense built in to their platform. The Google Adsense program is a great way to earn an additional income for most webmasters and a big income for some who have made it the main source of revenue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: