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Travel-and-Leisure Passionate Costa Rica Vacations Take your sweetheart on one of the Costa Rica vacations recommended for the year and get her to appreciate the place where romance and passions truly come alive. Witness the diversity of this tiny country and fall in love with its charming beaches, each gorgeous in its own special way. The sights and sounds of the clear blue waters, and how it kisses the horizon renders Costa Rica as the perfect place to fall in love with your sweetheart over and over again. Couples can also escape into Alajuela and Heredia for a different taste of Costa Rican adventure, and together, appreciate natures gifts like coffee plantations, volcanoes and cloud forests in these provinces. Swimming and surfing can be fun its worth to try these out together in Jaco, Puntarenas, or Playa Hermosa, home of the giant surf-friendly waves. So give your significant other a surprise of a lifetime and take her or him to the exotic and magnificent country of Costa Rica. Rica Vacations at the Countrys Splendid Shores Being a popular Caribbean country, Costa Rica is a beautiful haven that is truly worth your while. The landmarks and things to do in the place are similarly interesting and exciting, and its beaches are just as splendidly blessed as with the rest of the Caribbean and Pacific regions clean and clear, soothing and contemplative, well-loved and sought-after. It is because of these tantalizing beaches, or playas in Spanish, that tourists on Costa Rica vacations have come back again and again to experience a summer escapade with friends and family. Because Costa Rica is bound by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and is right on the coast as its name implies, it has a long stretch of beaches to choose from. Every beach is unique some may have white sands, and others may have rocks; one may have clear blue waters, and another may gray; some are perfect for surfing, and others are tranquil and simply spectacular. Make your Costa Rica vacations truly unforgettable by baring your feet to walk down the towns many gorgeous beaches. Utmost Relaxation on your Costa Rica Vacations The hurly-burly of your city life, not to mention the daily stresses at work can easily take a toll on you as you find yourself wanting nothing more than a few days of sheer pleasure and well-earned relaxation. Find your inner peace with the utmost tranquility and ultimate pleasures which can only be offered by amazing Costa Rica vacations. The Casa Spa located at the Punta Islita Hotel is a favorite among vacationers who need top class herbal and spa treatments that guarantee to take that load off your shoulders. For a different kind of relaxation, you could also unwind with a special spa treatment or calming massage right on the charming beach. Costa Rica is known for its relaxing hot springs, and there is nothing quite better than Neidin Spas use of these natural wonders and some great volcanic mud treatments to bring out your inner glow. As you get away from the stresses of work and the problems of life, reward yourself with an utmost relaxation on your Costa Rica vacation. Costa Rica Vacations and Guest Houses Can you think of anything more wonderful than being able to lodge at the most famous hotels of the country when you are on your Costa Rica vacation?After knowing about the several hotels of the place, there is one which will certainly give you a luxurious stay and the ideal guest house when you are in the enticing Costa Rica. Nestled at the base of Arenal Volcano is the Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort which is a world-class, five-star resort popular around the globe for its amazingly natural hot springs, gifted by the very own Arenal Volcano. The hotel also houses the Grand Spa, quite popular for being the finest spa of Latin America which has the perfect environment to derive leisure and relaxation. You might want to try the outstanding services this spa offers such as massages, manicures and pedicures. Have a relaxing time by taking a dip at one of the twelve natural pools or the artificially-made pools of the resort. Experience a fantastic holiday with the exclusive facilities of the marvelous Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: