they actually pretend to just touch the coin to verify it is still there but instead they secretly take the coin 酒瓶爆炸肌腱断裂 京港澳高速车祸

Arts-and-Entertainment No doubt everyone has heard of the vanishing coin trick. With some practice anyone can perform this version of that trick. This version requires the use of a secret partner. To begin the trick: There are a few things needed for this; an assistant, two identical coins, a shirt with a pocket in the front and a handkerchief. For starters you need to have a coin in either your partners pocket or your pocket. Take a coin from your shirt and make the audience look at it, pretend you chose it randomly. Take the handkerchief and cover your hand and the coin. Practicing this a little will ensure it looks professional. Now you ask the audience, "Will anyone assist me? The coin should still be in my hand could you please reach under the handkerchief to make sure of this." It does not have to be your partner that you call first to check the coin. Whether you choose someone else first before you choose your partner to feel for the coin it will not matter. The end result: When your secret partner checks for the coin, they actually pretend to just touch the coin to verify it is still there but instead they secretly take the coin, hiding it from the audience. Discretion is needed while taking the coin so that no one suspects your secret friend of lying and actually having the coin. Now you can say a couple magic words and pull the handkerchief away with a grand gesture and announce that the coin has vanished. "Hold on just a moment, the coin has gone!" You will state. Now pretend to look for the coin or dip into your pocket for it. Then ask everyone else to check their pockets for the coin. Your secret partner will pull the coin out of their pocket and the coin is back. Also you have the option of looking into your friend’s pocket and getting it yourself, "Here it is." The second version of the same trick: Another simple version of the coin disappearing trick will take a little preparation before you perform the trick. Get a playing card and stick the coin on back of it at the bottom with some glue. When you present the card you will show it like you are carefully balancing the coin on the top of the card. Have your other hand ready under the coin pretending that it will fall off the card and into your hand. Quickly turn the card over onto your other hand and then pretend you have transferred the coin from the card into your hand. Close your hand as if you were holding the coin and while you do this slip the card into your pocket making sure no one sees that the coin is still attached to the card. Now that the card is out of sight and you appear to be holding the coin in your closed hand you can say a couple magic words or even wave a wand over your closed hand and then reveal. When you open your hand it is empty and the coin appears to have disappeared. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: