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Mobile-Cell-Phone RIM tend to concentrate there efforts on business users above all else, but the Blackberry Torch 9800 leans a little over the borders, into the land of personal users. The device is a combined touch screen-slider-QWERTY piece with improved touch sensitivity, a slick sliding mechanism and a very useable keyboard. The phone is powered by a surprisingly pokey, 600MHz processor and has an inspired digital camera. There is also social network integration and a multimedia system capable of video playback and FM radio reception. The device is very distinguished and looks very masculine; traits RIM are renowned for. The HVGA screen measures at 3.2 inches and delivers a bright insight into the Blackberry 6 OS which is very slick and functions as well as any software found on HTC phones or Android devices. The physical keys are placed as they would be on most of RIMs Blackberry phones, you get the optical track pad which this time acts as an alternative form of interface navigation, the standard call/end keys, and the Blackberry menu button which brings up a refreshed menu system full of neatly ordered widgets. The Blackberry OS6 is much the same as the OS5 version; it supplies users with the same icon-centric widget menu, but a few upgrades have been made which in-turn upgrade the user experience exponentially. With multiple screens to switch between by swiping left or right, you can download and add more applications to the already app rich interface. The touch screen is very responsive and delivers an effective multi-touch experience, with pinch and spread zoom functionality and standard finger clicking. A Social Feeds application allows users to view tweets, messages and status posts from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr among others; this is great for the social network crazy. You can have a combined feed with all information, or you can separate the feeds for individual sites. The SNS integration also goes as far as letting you upload images to Facebook. RIM is still providing e-mail support with all the most popular sites like Gmail and Hotmail being compatible. The Torch is still a core business phone, and proves this with its Blackberry Enterprise Server which allows businesses keep track of the device as an asset. The WebKit browser runs super fast and utilises the combined efforts of Wi Fi and 3G for internet connectivity. The Torch works well in this field; pages load up pretty quickly and basic media is supported. You can manage your e-mail accounts on-screen thanks to the POP and Exchange compatibility and Blackberrys famous Messenger can be accessed. The 5MP digital camera is very impressive; it loads up very quickly and will pump out great images for you to share with friends online. It also shoots pretty good video which can also be shared. The music and video players support a number of file types and they are in-turn supported by an expandable memory up to 32GB; so there is more than enough room for your multimedia files. There is also additional support for app downloads thanks to Blackberrys online app store. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: