Driven by high oil prices, European shares opened sharply higher 辽宁科技大学专升本

Driven by high oil prices, European shares opened sharply higher, the U.S. stock market center: exclusive provision of the U.S. stock industry sector, the disk before, after, ETF, warrants real-time quotes, Sina shares Beijing news 12 pm news, driven by soaring oil prices, European shares opened sharply higher Friday. Pan European STOXX600 index opened up 1.3%, to 307.39; the British FTSE100 index opened up 1%, to 5591.19; French CAC40 rose 1.6%, reported 3958.09; German DAX index rose 1.4%, reported 8871.93. Soaring oil prices on the European stock markets a boost. International oil prices surged nearly 6% on Friday, and Reuters reported earlier that Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said OPEC would be willing to negotiate production reductions with other oil exporters. His remarks caused the producers of the collaborative production of hope, although some analysts believe that this is not possible, the raw materials of excess oil supply will continue. Data, the German Statistical Office announced on Friday the country’s fourth quarter GDP preliminary data, the German fourth quarter GDP growth of 0.3%, consistent with the forecast. The 41 economists predicted a growth of 0.2% to 0.6%. Bloomberg calculates that GDP grew by an annualised rate of 1.1% in the fourth quarter. French carmaker Renault’s annual revenue increased by 10.4%, net profit increased by 48.1% to 2 billion 900 million euros. The British aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls Royce basic pre tax profits more than expected, but the proposal would cut 39% annual dividend for the first time in more than 20 years. German commercial banks reported fourth quarter net profit, in line with analysts’ expectations. After yesterday’s slump, the banking sector has not yet been one of the focuses of the market today. Many investors worry about the bad loans of some European banks and the current low interest rate environment. The Asian market fell sharply on Friday, with Japan’s Nikkei 225 index closing down 4.8% to 14952.61, the lowest since October 2014. The Nikkei index tumbled 11.1% this week, the biggest decline since October 2008. The Topix index fell 5.4% to 1196.28 points. Korea composite index closed down 1.4%, to 1835.28 points. Dragged down by overnight banking sector in Europe and America, Asian banks and financial sector continued to bear pressure. In the context of low growth and low interest rates, market concerns about potential performance in the sector are increasing. Today, the Japanese market, brokerage stocks also suffered a heavy blow, Nomura holdings fell 9.2%, big and securities plunged 8.2%. Car shares also suffered setback, TOYOTA car crash 6.8%, Honda car fell 5.5%. As of press time, Brent crude oil rose 3.46%, to $31.10 barrel; New York crude oil rose 3.74%, to 27.19 U. S. dollars barrel. Editor in chief: Wang Yongsheng SF153

受油价大涨推动 欧股大幅高开 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间12日下午消息,受油价大涨推动,周五欧股大幅高开。   泛欧STOXX600指数开盘上涨1.3%,报307.39;英国FTSE100指数开盘上涨1%,报5591.19;法国CAC40上涨1.6%,报3958.09;德国DAX指数上涨1.4%,报8871.93。   油价飙涨对欧洲股市形成提振。周五国际油价一度大涨近6%,稍早时候路透报道称,沙特阿拉伯能源部长表示,OPEC愿意就减少产量和其他石油出口国进行协商。其言论引发产油国协同减产的一线希望,尽管有分析师认为,此举大不可能,石油供应过剩的状况料将持续。   数据方面,德国统计办公室周五公布该国第四季度GDP初步数据,德国第四季度GDP环比增长0.3%,与预估相符。41位经济学家的预测范围是环比增长0.2%至0.6%。彭博计算显示,第四季度GDP折合年率增长1.1%。   法国汽车制造商雷诺全年营收增加10.4%,净利润增加48.1%,至29亿欧元。英国飞机引擎制造商罗罗公司基本税前利润高于分析师预期,但提议将全年股息削减39%,为逾20年来首次。   德国商业银行公布第四季度净利润,符合分析师预期。在昨日经历重挫之后,银行板块仍未今日市场的关注焦点之一。许多投资者担心某些欧洲银行的不良贷款以及当前的低利率环境。   周五亚洲市场大幅下跌,日股日经225指数收盘跌4.8%,至14952.61点,为2014年10月以来最低收位。日经指数本周共计重挫11.1%,为2008年10月以来单周最大跌幅。东证指数收盘跌5.4%,至1196.28点。韩国综合股指收盘下跌1.4%,报1835.28点。   受隔夜欧美股市银行板块下挫拖累,亚洲银行和金融板块继续承压。在低增长和低利率的环境下,市场对该行业潜在业绩的忧虑情绪正在增加。   今日日本市场,券商类股也遭遇重击,野村控股大跌9.2%,大和证券暴跌8.2%。汽车类股同样受挫,丰田汽车大跌6.8%,本田汽车挫跌5.5%。   截至发稿,布伦特原油上涨3.46%,报31.10美元 桶;纽约原油上涨3.74%,报27.19美元 桶。 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章: