After the typhoon, Quanzhou jingsao received SMS content across the country people to tears 1926年属相�

After the typhoon, Quanzhou jingsao received SMS content across the country people to tears in September 15th, this is a lot of people in Quanzhou unforgettable night of the mid autumn festival. The typhoon "Moratti" the Mid Autumn Festival, a lot of people have gone through this life has never experienced, or sad, or tired, or encouraged, or moved…… And then the real thing happened in the night, a jingsao Quanzhou Anxi, she spent like this…… This is a national security anti fraud cooperation group, where a collection of the country governance to combat telecommunications fraud network milo. Even in the Mid Autumn Festival is a day and night firepower, while not often have hundreds of hundreds of unread messages and on the 15 day, an irrelevant information, but in the group of Pan fried. Er…… Not the group sent two hundred envelopes) Fujian Quanzhou a Anxi police for "no home electric anti fraud" for a month, typhoon Meranti struck, he put into intensive rescue line. The Mid Autumn Festival, the wife birthday coincides with the "double one", he was unable to accompany. Sorry, he decided to send his wife a "romantic" serious exceed the standard gift – information sent soon after submerged in the work of information among the multitude. "Who is this? Is not the wrong group?" He thought that other people would have thought that, however, all the tears. Beijing, Hebei, Hubei, Sichuan and Jiangxi…… How many provinces of the police to the silent jingsao sent a birthday wish to count. Not only I jingsao, countless comrades was also this tender moment hit. The jingsao submerged in the warm heart wish from all corners of the country, seriously reply to every message, enjoy the highest glory belongs to her. The police are not met to send information, why not to spare ourselves be strangers to each other, the good faith is because his wife, but also because of empathy. Who says the police don’t understand romance? The police just don’t have time for romance! Perhaps you do not think a month to go home is very exaggerated, perhaps you do not think that holidays are not holiday, but this is the people’s daily police. No flowers and cakes, no company with a gift, it may not be the most satisfactory jingsao birthday, but this is definitely the most memorable for her birthday. In fact, green trees, grass dividing line, moved not only jingsao, we are also deeply touched. Around the clock in a few sleepless typhoon hit, they move, so that we can not tears.相关的主题文章: