Typhoon Megi struck Meizhou by heavy rainfall in eastern Guangdong today there is still heavy rain caxa实体设计

Typhoon Megi struck Meizhou by heavy rainfall in eastern Guangdong today there is still heavy rain Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Xie Qingyu Yue Shuixuan) typhoon "catfish" landing in the coastal area of Quanzhou city in Huian County of Fujian province in September 28th before and after 4:40, landing near the center of the largest wind 12 (33 m / sec), after landing to continue moving to the west, the 07 was downgraded to a tropical storm, 11 weakened into a tropical storm, 17 when its center is located in Fujian Longyan Province, near the center of the largest wind 8 (20 m / sec), minimum central pressure of 99 thousand and 200 kpa. Although the "catfish" not landing in our province, but the rain caused serious influence on the Guangdong area, the provincial flood control headquarters on the morning of September 28th once again held a defense chamber of Commerce, the subsequent impact on Guangdong after landing of typhoon, calling the defense focus from wind to timely defense of heavy rainfall and secondary disasters. The eastern Meizhou heavy rain and wind according to the Provincial Bureau of hydrology monitoring, typhoon "catfish" eastern region to bring heavy rain to heavy rainfall rainstorm, September 27th 14 to 28, 17, heavy rainfall mainly in Meizhou, Chaozhou and Jieyang. The province’s rainfall is greater than 100 mm site has more than 50 mm, the site has more than 49, more than 30 mm site has 116. Process rainfall larger sites: Dapu County of Meizhou city rock Zhen Heng Xi station 131.5 mm, Meizhou River town of Fengshun County stone to station 118 mm, Meizhou city Fengshun County Liu Huang Zhen money station 117.5 mm. The water level of the river is below the warning level. In addition, according to meteorological monitoring, 27 to 28 during the day, Guangdong counties and the eastern sea appeared 7 to 9 winds, the phoenix town of Chaozhou Chaoan recorded the largest wind speed of 26.2 meters (10), Yang Zhen Meizhou Yan Meixian recorded 25 meters (level 10). The 28 day by the precipitation and cloud increase, province temperature significantly ease. Guangdong Guangdong today there is still heavy rain weather is expected, by the "catfish" effect, 28 -29 at night in northern and eastern counties have heavy rain, which Chaozhou, Shantou, Meizhou, Heyuan City, heavy rain locally heavy rain, Jieyang, Shanwei and Shaoguan have locally heavy rain, Qingyuan and the Pearl River Delta the rest of the cities and counties rain locally heavy rain, cloudy with showers. 30, the province’s rainfall decreased significantly, the eastern counties have moderate to locally heavy rain, most of the rest of the cities and counties cloudy to cloudy with showers. In addition, 29 in the eastern part of the sea wind 5 to 6 to 4, in northern and eastern regions counties wind 6 to 7 to 4 to 5. Experts pointed out that the "catfish" periphery nephsystem seriously affected the eastern and northern regions, especially in the mountainous area of Meizhou, will bring heavy rainfall, and the "catfish" after landing, moving slow, the continuing impact of time may be longer, so the Guangdong area must be carefully to do the heavy rainfall and secondary disaster prevention work. According to the expert consultation opinion, Fangzong issued timely defense guidelines to the various requirements in a timely manner to defense around the focus from the wind to the defense of heavy rainfall and secondary disasters, seriously implement the geological.相关的主题文章: