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The incarnation of Jun Cao Luan home super stunt staged wall climbing – Sohu Jun Cao entertainment "Linhaixueyuan" as Luan home super Jun Cao Hale photo entertainment Sohu reportedly, starring Zhang Rui, Li Guangjie, Ni Dahong, Jun Cao, et al. Venus, red classic TV drama "Lin Haixue bandits legend", has completed the post production process, is expected to make landfall in the year in December, TV and audience. As the speedy Luan home super in the play Jun Cao, comrades nicknamed "monkey.", often staged "rock climbing wall" stunt. As a child star debut of Jun Cao, changed the past in other red bandits type of drama, the audience curiosity and surprise at the same time, it is caused by the memories. Jun Cao "Linhaixueyuan" presents a special hard body super strength and Hanization Luan bandits "Linhaixueyuan" is based on the self experience of Qu Bo’s novel creation. Is the story of the winter of 1946, a brave squad and entrenched in the northeastern forest for many years number of bandits conspiracy stories. Jun Cao’s home is super Luan is a part of them, are comrades dubbed than monkeys also agile person ", he often will flex its muscles showed climbing skills, in their own unique way for organizations to contribute their strength. "Kung Fu Star" debut of Jun Cao, in the play is to play their own advantages brought the expected value reached. While the show has the strong characteristics of the northeast of the tough guy, grew up in the south, he had said it was a challenge, but the official exposed stills, Jun Cao had used his professional skill and strength, showing a typical northeast han. Based on the novel known to every family movie, TV drama is, often also can remake the audience hot, and acting as a main character of which is highly recognized by the old drama of bone, people are very looking forward to see Jun Cao in the vegetables. Jun Cao Jun Cao played the "Lotus Lantern" incense "young monk destiny" as happy Jun Cao, "nine year old county magistrate" as Chen Wenjie Jun Cao debut 20 years to create countless classic sunshine photo triggering "memories kill" in 1996 as a child star debut Jun Cao, starred in the 24 film and television works, created a "young monk destiny" in the brave and clever happy, "nine year old" in the county magistrate renxiaoguitai Chen Wenjie, "Lotus Lantern" in the dedication of the handsome incense and other classic film image, is accompanied by the first male god grew up 90. A portrait of him recently exposed, it brought back memories of the netizens, the impression of cute little monk has already become the sun tough young actor. In recent years, heavy heart grinding acting, continue to break their own Jun Cao, in addition to the upcoming broadcast of "Linhaixueyuan", also starred in the movie channel and HBO movie "King", also recently devoted "dragon exploration society" shoot them. I believe that the work of several works, he will bring more surprises for the audience.相关的主题文章: