Behind the campus loan reminders of rivers and lakes active in QQ group have the same Raiders 下北glory days

Behind the campus loan debt arena: active in the QQ group have the same "Raiders" – Beijing Bianwei campus loan in an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported in the "bare loan", Hefei, Suzhou two college girls are private photos online exposure, Chaohu sophomore boys campus borrow usury, borrowing 2000 yuan two months rolled into 190 thousand yuan. Recently, the Anhui business daily variant of the campus loan, naked credit and other loan traps were reported. Behind these private lending, hidden a lot of people do not know the debt chain. The country has a large number of "push off", they lurk in a noisy crowd, on orders to make money, the general can get the amount of arrears 25% commission. The reporter "latent" across a debt group for several days, they found that with noisy Raiders also, have unified words, to "take things every time before debt, have tattoos, wearing a gold necklace best. The reporter posing as reminders to the debtor to call off, call each other a scare. Lawyers said, so that the reminder of the customer to pay the legal liability caused by the debt, the employer should bear joint and several. The debt collection group can develop offline offline to discuss money "filial piety" on-line reporters through the QQ search keyword "debt", out of the country hundreds of various forms of debt, many debt group, by a private lending P2P software founded, set up a "branch" in the country, quite arena atmosphere. The P2P software as well as those who are dedicated to the registration of the entrance of the debtor, the industry will be referred to as a reminder of the debt. Reporter registered the software of the reminder, just like the best step, drops taxi like, after the registration can be successfully found in the vicinity of a single, after receiving the list can be paid as a percentage of 25%~30%. It is worth mentioning that the push off is still "old and new" packages, a push off the development of offline, the offline success for six months in arrears, arrears collection back to 5 per thousand, as the "King Shicha" to honor the line. The reporter added the country more than and 10 a debt group, every day, these groups have urged the guests from all corners of the country and the exchange of experience. Reporters noted that a lot of QQ nickname is "× × urge the debt company", active in a number of groups, a wide range of advertising requirements. Every day, there are a large number of new members of the group to join the debt, mostly part-time". As a veteran urge passengers said, urging passengers occupation accounted for more than a few, must be not married or divorced can do, but also to "naive" stage fright". Many new groups, will send some such as "I am in Mount Huangshan, Tunxi, can be near the debt?" Generally there will be a loan to pick up their orders, the two sides to discuss the proportion of commission. The observation for several days, the reporter noticed a pattern: debt many practitioners belong to different regions, interact very frequently, formed a relatively stable group of collective interests. More frightening is that these debt organization responsible for regularly held seminars in a city, and seminar photos, information content, distributed to creditors groups across the country. Come noisy "things to take" a tattoo and a gold necklace in the group file many creditors better group, share the "debt" debt flow process ".相关的主题文章: