Trapped in the warehouse 6 years old dog eventually saved – International – People’s network 音羽かなで

Trapped warehouse 6 years end big dog saved – International –         according to the foster care center staff Lindsay (Charsha-Lindsey) said: "the use of 7 staff to the Pyrenees rescued from the air dirty warehouse."         rescued Lazarus appears very timid, it is always trying to escape. At present, it was accepted by Virginia foster care center, until it was restored to accept the adoption.         some netizens condemned the abandonment of the owner of the big dog, but Lindsay also said that Lazarus has not been abused.         Lindsay wrote in the face book: recently she untied the rope of Lazarus, let it run in the yard to play, in order to grow some muscles. At present, Lazarus also need to accept the relevant inspection and recovery training in order to return to normal life. 6 years in captivity, Lazarus has not been abused. The staff let it run around the yard to exercise muscles. And said that the current Lazarus also need to recover for some time to be adopted. Lazarus, who has second lives, is still timid, and it needs more time to get back to normal life. Read the original English (commissioning editor: Zhang Ruiqi, focusing)相关的主题文章: