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Ding Xueliang: if Chinese choose "no exit"…… [Abstract] a country in population structure, quality and quantity three aspects are becoming more and more poor trend period, is the choice of "collective exit" or "international migration" is an ontological dilemma. The author: Ding Xueliang (Professor of Hong Kong University Science & Technology) I read this column on a Ding Xueliang: Japan in the slow exit, we China? | professional perspective, some mainland readers will quite admire the path choice in Japan so far — would rather let their total population slowly shrinking, also refused to let the international migration gate. The reasons for these readers are basically: there are enough people on this planet, and most of the countries in Asia are crowded places with high population density. Reducing the total population of a country slowly and naturally can alleviate a lot of conflicts and troubles and save resources for the next generation. China can also consider doing so, after all, we are the more than 1 billion 300 million largest population of the country, is also afraid of less than two hundred million or three hundred million people? A "exit", meaning that the interpretation of such reliable can also understand the above considerations, the scarcity of natural resources, Chinese species very much, the most prominent is the freshwater and arable land, and forest and wetland. If purely from the quantitative point of view, China’s population of six hundred million or seven hundred million is not impossible. This population is still second in the world, more than twice the United States, more than the EU by more than one hundred million or two hundred million. Do not you see, this world that economic and technological advanced countries, even if the total population of tens of millions, still very arrogant, very moist, why have to maintain the super scale billions of people? However, the above views only focus on one of the three key issues of population – the number, but ignored the other two key – structure and quality. Then the two are the most important in China, and we can see from several examples how heavy the warning is. The age structure of Chinese population in 2015 is the most convenient basis for comparison in 2015. According to the reading materials and counseling to the population, according to the long-term trend in the year ahead, Chinese, to 2036 -2040 years (about error or one to two years, the same below), the population aged over 65 will reach about three hundred million, 85 over the age of about one hundred million; to 2040 will be on population the total amount of slow wilting under way. That is to say, 20-25 years later, we Chinese will be burdened with a "old man" – that is, more than 65 years of age group; carrying a "old Japan" — more than 85 years of age group (Howard French, Why Immigrants Are US Trump Card versus Fast-greying China, South China Morning Post. "2 June 2016). Can we carry on? How much is our per capita burden? You need to build many hospitals and nursing homes? How much care should be needed? How many trillion dollars a year do you need? How much of these should be accounted for.相关的主题文章: