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Jiading – bamboo painting — original title: market undervalued market undervalued Jiading bamboo Qianlong early week Zhiyan System Author: Rosewood bamboo and stone pen language in China Junda traditional culture, bamboo is endowed with high minded Festival, steadfast character, highly respected in all previous dynasties literati, became the object of men of literature and writing poetry the painting, directly led to the development of bamboo carving art. Began in the late Ming Dynasty, Jiading bamboo books of poetry and prose, painting, printing and other forms of artistic expression blend, has distinct regional and original works of both bookish and stone flavor, elegant Juesu, become an imperial literati and even the court. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations many bamboo carving artists in the Qing Dynasty Zhou Hao (Zhi Yan) is a bamboo carving art history is a epoch-making milepost type characters, known as "more than two hundred years, the premier". As a child is well read, practicing calligraphy and painting of the literati, Zhou Zhiyan poems, not only good at painting, and influenced by the traditional bamboo hometown of Jiading area, will be good at painting, especially the landscape and bamboo to bamboo carving, to form a "knife like" pen "is a unique artistic style of North and South". However, in the art market, the works of Zhou Zhiyan price is still low, and compared to the purple as an literati known and record high, bamboo carving art also belong to a niche market, its price is still a large space. The fresh air into the literati painting and calligraphy carving according to ancient literature, in the early Western Zhou Dynasty, had bamboo and bamboo and bamboo carving etc.. With the rise in the late Ming Dynasty study an connoisseur of the wind, the rapid development of literati carving. Many scholars also with great enthusiasm to bamboo carving art. In the direct participation and leading intellectuals class, literati carving developed from folk bamboo craft, become a concentrated expression of China ancient literati aesthetic comprehensive art is good. Since the Ming Dynasty Zhengde and Jiajing, Zhu He of Jiading will be applied to the bamboo carving process, making the device, which opened the door to the bamboo carving art of literati. Today, Jiading bamboo has been included in the national intangible cultural heritage. The day before, the Shanghai Museum of art exhibition launched Zhou Hao, "landscape character?" "bamboo?" calligraphy "? 3 parts Limited" comprehensive display of the "four wit" artistic achievement. Hall 60 anniversary in 2012 on the occasion of the Shanghai Museum, had launched the 60 anniversary of the bamboo – Bamboo carving Cultural Treasures Exhibition Hall "as a celebration of the first exhibition. Zhou Zhiyan’s main creation, activities in the Qing Dynasty, Yong Zheng, and the period of the period, and this period is the last peak of ancient Chinese arts and crafts in the world of the arts and crafts of the ancient times, the last peak of the arts and crafts of China in the period of the Qing Dynasty, the period of the dynasties. Different from the same period a lot of scholars "like to make friends, fame, Zhou Zhiyan is well read, has chosen a dissolute and noble ambition is not a matter of princely life. Because the week Zhiyan long-term dwelling in Jiading local, rarely travel, so that its body is in place on the well known, but the home outside the "many people do not know its name". The first panoramic landscape painting as a traditional carving of the literati, Zhou Zhiyan started painting since childhood, and not to the old creation)相关的主题文章: