Why do users love to see Venus tear Fan Bingbing 驯龙高手dm456

Why do you have a netizen "Venus hand Fan Bingbing" the Sina entertainment column boiled fat Luo Jun if hand is a variety, then shredded variety "explosion" Venus hand Fan Bingbing "has been out of the third season, but this time, even if the" hand in art a sister Venus the third season will inevitably encounter the curse". Earlier in Ma Dong’s arts network, Venus hand again firepower, three degrees to Fan Ye acting "fire", when Fan Bingbing frankly admitted that the other hand is acting too bad, if this is only old, so the latest hand torn gold sentence is "the advertisement — Fan Bingbing can only be a small golden". As for the large scale "shelling" behavior, Venus in the program is to explain his case, do not attack any one personality, she also put her tear everywhere summed up as "I am a northeast old women". And just recently and associate professor of China Normal University had a tear across the empty handed Fan Bingbing, did not make any response to speak of venus. Only this time, although the hand still easily on the headlines, but lost the first two quarters of all in one story acclaimed, for Venus to Fan Ye once again hand, users agree to it, those who have sympathy, mocking those who have, the same dialogue, the audience has quite different reputation score. Venus and Fan Bingbing, are the Queen’s role in the entertainment, but also in line with the words of the Fan Bingbing – "to wear the crown, will bear its weight". When the two names because of the hand tear together, is bound to cause public concern, this is the first time, Venus tear Fan Bingbing’s "third quarter" why encounter fire but the third quarter curse?   why do the public so much love to see Venus tear Fan Bingbing? Back to the scene, what exactly did Venus say? Why is a "tongue Queen" response has led to new hand controversy? The program Venus describes itself as the "northeast old women", eyes can not tolerate the sand, don’t want to scold, but never matter, don’t insult anyone’s personality. In her view, Fan Bingbing has not had a small star, but a "big name", to choose more powerful role and create new masterpiece, not only complacent, then advertising, "always only a small golden". Venus spoke more than Fan Bingbing, for he had on the show and dancer Yang Liping openly quarrel about Venus also generous recognition. She said that two people in private relations is not good, can not be friends, but the relationship between the two is mutual respect, can work together. She also said that the relationship between "at a distance" is actually the normal circle. Ma Dong’s "dinner", Venus Mengliao, this meal, really rich connotation. But Venus is to speak, is very clear — to clarify the tongue of Venus was on the wrong things. But Venus in the program of this clarification, why did it lead to the three Venus tear Fan Bingbing headlines? Because your circle is entering a new era of tearing. The past two years, big expensive atmosphere circle, no matter how the past two stars look not on each other, keep a smirk face)相关的主题文章: