Be vigilant! The detector can not recognize counterfeit Chongqing public embarrassment 步步高i606

Be vigilant! The detector can not recognize the people of Chongqing suffered the embarrassment of buying counterfeit detector for the purpose of identification of the renminbi but Chongqing resident Mr. Jie has suffered another embarrassment yanchaoji himself couldn’t recognize counterfeit money! Jiangbei dashiba Jie Mr. opened a convenience store because often receive cash specifically to buy a banknote machine equipment in place after exposing Mr. however was not happy he found himself received a hundred dollars of counterfeit money and this counterfeit money detector was not recognized 630 material brother personally pitched this test although the poor but can indeed counterfeit texture through this detector has 630 Jie told brother recently he went to the bank to feed automatic deposit machine in saving this money was spit out he found himself received this counterfeit money that he did not dare to believe that the store is not yanchaoji this detector has quality problem? Mr. Jie found Chongqing Yiwu Trade City sales staff Dadukou sales point detector said the quality of this detector and there is no problem but limited ability to identify sales staff further explained the detector off he bought belongs to C price of only 300 yuan so the identification technology is low after the test in the price of 800 yuan a banknote above this counterfeit immediately identified so the question whether the detector type A and type C is what? The detector we use is really reliable? Classification detector: according to the identification ability and the corresponding evaluation results, the detector points a and B stage, C grade three level, A is the most advanced. For example: above this detector model JBYD – 3189 (C), shows that this detector is a manufacturer number 3189 for dynamic differential C detector. The detectors of different levels, ability to identify what is the difference? There are 12 kinds of identification technology in the new national standard. For a point detector, it must have at least 9 identification technology, and also has three kinds of coupons, and don’t set version of other recognition ability. In addition, there should be at least 4 banknotes. Point detector bank counter use, are Grade A. The identification of technology type point detector B level requirements for at least 5, with less than a ticket, and don’t set other version recognition ability. It should also have at least 4 banknotes. Identification of type point detector C level requirements for at least 4, did not ask for, and don’t set Notes version other notes number display digits recognition ability, also reduced for not less than 3. So we can trust yanchaoji completely? With the continuous progress of science and technology, point detector authentication technology ability has been improved. But there is no absolute. Whether the point detector C and B class or grade A, can not guarantee 100% to identify counterfeit money. The new national standard, the point detector on the three level of the leakage rate and the false recognition rate resolution made clear demands: a point detector leakage resolution error is less than or equal to 0.015%, the recognition rate is less than or equal to 0.02%; the two digital B grade point detector were less than 0.015% and less than or equal to 0.05%; the number of C grade point detector is less than or equal to 0.03% and less than or equal to 0.05%..相关的主题文章: