Artist Cui Ruzhuo was awarded the honorary title of academician of the Russian Academy of Arts 月丘うさぎ

The painter Cui Ruzhuo won the title of – art award honorary academician of Russian Academy of Sciences Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Moscow October 14th Mar Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences, announced before, awarded the title of honorary fellow painter Cui Ruzhuo, President of the Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences tsereteli awarded honorary academician certificate for Cui zhuo. In addition, the Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts recently awarded the title of honorary professor of. President Mikhailovskii issued a certificate to Cui Zhuo, Zhuo Cui and spoke highly of the creation of "Cui Zhuo works to convey the expressive force of the modernity and the ancient tradition of mutual integration, beyond the previous European China impression of the traditional painting". The Russian Academy of Sciences is the highest art institutions in the field of Russian culture and art, "people of Russia Academy of Arts awarded an honorary fellow of the title of" outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions in the field of art and artists in other ways to contribute to the art. Repin, one of the most famous Academy of Fine Arts in Russia, has cultivated many famous artists in the world. "Too — Cui Zhuo Pu as a distinguished Russian Art Exhibition" in October 6th to October 28th in Moscow manie Shi National Exhibition Center and exhibited more than 180 pieces of works, huge size and spectacular images to enhance the cognition of the Russian audience Chinese ink art, has attracted many China culture enthusiasts to visit. The exhibition was held in St Petersburg from September 12th to 25.相关的主题文章: