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Yang Hui was traced to litigation disputes the lawyer who worked with Song Zhe Baoqiang Wang and former agent Song Zhe family to marry Ma Rong to hand Baoqiang Wang director Yang Hui traced to litigation disputes cover news (reporter Du Enhu Beijing site reports) August 29th at noon, cover news reporters learned in Beijing: concern Baoqiang Wang divorce case on the other a party of Song Zhe and Yang Hui’s divorce, the court in Beijing this afternoon. The news reporter at Beijing at noon today exclusively learned important information: Yang Hui sued Song Zhe divorce trial 24 hours before, Yang Huiceng entrusted attorney Beijing HENGJIA Law Firm lawyer Tan Yaoguang and Song Zhe family secret communication, Yang Hui in order to interest litigation disputes, whether can negotiate the divorce agreement. But the two sides due to the greater differences in the property division, as well as the Song family denied Baoqiang Wang song song song derailed his wife, Ma Rong, did not reach an agreement. The news reporter also learned: a month before the trial, Song Zhe’s mother gave Yang Hui attorney Tan Yaoguang made a phone call, Song Zhe’s mother thinks Yang Hui is a good girl, good daughter-in-law, hope through a lawyer to tell Yang Hui, for Song Zhe and son. But Yang Hui believes that her husband song and his wife, Ma Rong, have derailed, has seriously hurt the feelings of the husband and wife, and insisted on divorce with the Song Dynasty in. However, it is understood that song’s mother denied his son derailed Ma rong. That is the general family much contradiction, hope Yang Hui and son and. Yang Hui’s attorney Tan Yaoguang told the cover news reporter: 24 hours before the hearing, the mother of the mother of the mother that the good, I hope that the divorce case does not hurt the parents of the Song Dynasty, is not willing to divorce the parties to the agreement, the divorce of the agreement on. Yang Huibian take the initiative to ask lawyers and family members of the secret communication. However, due to differences in the property involved in the division, the old man insisted that his son Song Zhe did not derail. Yang Hui divorce case before the peace talks. The Song Zhe mother, but also that his son and Yang Hui good and hopeless, only through the court hearing as a good solution. The case is another case of star Baoqiang Wang’s divorce. Concern, according to the news reporter learned that the cover, there are more than 3 hours away from the court, the two sides are fully prepared lawyers. Song Zhe’s attorney, Shao Yaguang, is also preparing for Song Zhe. Because the case involved Baoqiang Wang, Song Zhe’s agent Shao Yaguang lawyer, yesterday and today has suffered some of the innocent in the online abusive attacks. Cover news reporter will continue to report from Chaoyang Court this afternoon.相关的主题文章: