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11 year old boy students were jarred ears caused by tinnitus and deafness a boy castanets in another boy’s ear shake, Pizhen boy left ear appeared deafness and tinnitus symptoms has not been more than 9 months. Who can’t believe this is what really happened. Parents sad son was jarred ears serious yesterday, Ms. Ma sadly said, in January 6th this year, at noon, she received at the Xi’an Far East Second Son of the sixth grade stone (a pseudonym) call, said the morning science class, students who (a pseudonym) with castanets in their ears shake, ears buzzing, still ringing at noon. Ms. Ma rushed to the school next to the custody of the class to pick up the child to the hospital for medical treatment. After examination, the doctor diagnosed as ear blast injury, the left ear hearing loss at high frequency, has since been medication. January 6th medical outpatient department of ENT the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University showed that small stone burst ear injury, left ear hearing loss at high frequency, ready to visit suggestions. In March, the two Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University clinical diagnosis: tinnitus (ringing piece) treble caused by drug treatment recommendations. In June, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong medical records show a diagnosis of unilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Deafness is basically good, but still tinnitus, medical expenses have spent eight thousand or nine thousand yuan, has been at their own expense." Yesterday, Ms. Ma said sadly, the child every day to take medicine, is still in the treatment. After the incident, the investigation of the matter, who once wrote a written explanation. The handwritten content is: science class, we are all in the homework, I have a problem not written, turned his head and asked the little stone, he said to me, I will use the castanets shake under his left ear, after a while, he said he has been ringing in the ears. At noon, his ears are ringing. In the afternoon, he went to the hospital for examination, the diagnosis result is: external force, nervous deafness, tinnitus. Although the school has also repeatedly contacted the parents of both sides to coordinate the process, Ms. Ma also to the Lake District Bureau of education repeatedly reflected, but has no results. She said the accident too much harm to the child, there are hormones also affect the child’s body medicine, in a school of talks, he proposed the 25 thousand yuan compensation, including medical expenses, the school said 20 thousand yuan, but the other parents do not agree, since the son had left primary school middle school, things have not been addressed. The school confirmed that the incident have no effect on the coordination for the matter, the director of the Far East two responsible for security work, this fact is clear, is indeed on the small stone boats castanets ear shaken up, there are other students in the class, parents also admit boats. The school has been active in the process, a lot of times each have a record of mediation, mediation, but the boats parents do not match, the school can only advise parents to take the legal channels. He also said that because the accident happened in the school, the school has certain management responsibilities, so parents and boats put school bear 15% of the responsibility, not the parents bear 85% of the responsibility, but do not agree with each other. And Dumbo’s father said, began to call the school said the treatment costs should be less than 1000 yuan, and 20000 yuan to be had. Oneself also has not avoided.相关的主题文章: