Flying roller coaster NUPI Hsu Chi issued a document to take life a joke 高达08ms小队

Flying roller coaster NUPI Hsu Chi issued a document: to take life a joke Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Mei Ji 27 strong typhoon hit Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, many flights were delayed or canceled, but airlines also braved the wind and rain off as usual, but it has attracted a lot of people cursed regardless of the safety of personnel on board. The usual attention to current events of the goddess Hsu Chi also bluntly, is simply to take life joking. Hsu Chi Hsu Chi posted a shelling of airline passengers described by EVA flight such as "Angry God in the face of the book" (roller coaster) news, the passengers said the captain tried to land in Songshan two times, the fuselage cabin is full of violent shaking, screaming and vomiting taste, even some people fainted, but fortunately landed in Taichung Spring Hill Airport finally, quite dangerous situation. Hsu Chi saw the report, said: "why ablaze with anger made a joke of the unit passengers life, urged the typhoon pilots and all the crew have a holiday", felt that this very angry, put all the transfer many netizens express identity, also mentioned that the ground crew hard, helpless sigh "fly some people call will fly".相关的主题文章: