A new wave of gold price has been achieved 爱多vcd

Today the price of gold market conditions have pulled a new wave of gold investment network February 22nd news, last Friday rose $forty Thursday due to the nearly 2%, has led to profit taking, the market fell after the first rise, but low interest rates are expected to make gold prices steady at $1220 on the run. Since this year, due to the international financial market has been cranky gold rose nearly 16%, the Fed rate hike is expected to reduce the value of the price of gold also makes storage highlights. The price of gold from last week’s high of $1263 a year of consolidation callback, a rebound in the 1190 support, two finished 1240 line, after a brief Chonggao, accompanied by rapid retracement, long efforts have no past style, and if the days can not stand on the 1232 position, is expected to launch a new short a round of decline. For the analysis of intraday operations, we first review this week’s weekly review: in a wave of market trends, strength represents space, continuity represents direction. For the current disk, first look at efforts after Thursday night rushed to high, pent up long brought a shot in the arm, a 1240 single week high after rapid Chonggao, the next trading in Europe continue to shock down Nichia, intraday retracement of 1220 lines, retracement rate reached twenty dollars. The price of gold rose to 1200 on the rebound, but also $forty, retracement reached the half range is too big, late again went 1235 failed to break on Thursday night after night back highs, although have repeatedly ascribed action, all failed to break the 1235 point position, so to say, long the intensity weakening, rather than strong. But really strong like last week from Monday to Thursday the trend, shot up after the two step back, upside will be broken, this is a strong rebound high down is weakened, long rebound face failure. Secondly, the continuity, the international price of gold to see 1108 to 1263 rise, a wave of ten Lian Yang, all-powerful trend, long oath sovereignty, the rise of nearly $150. The continuous Yang line on the daily line is the performance of multiple continuity. While the current disk, three trading days after the adjustment although positive, but only two large, overcast turn, continuity is not strong. When the intensity of the international price of gold continued time fade away, we have to believe that continuity trend is interrupted, a new round of market is brewing, so this time we must beware of the back, and not to do more then a brain. As 1232 days of operation pressure, the disc continue to test this line of repression is not broken, the matching period in Europe can be short in single, stop breaking 1237, see the next line 1222, attention Powei 1217 position. While the Joia disk directly shock retracement, broken 1220 lows, then we can establish a new round of fall, long rebound end, counter 122728 can participate in the single short, stop breaking 1232, see the next line 12171208. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

今日黄金价格大盘新一波拉升条件已具备   金投网2月22日讯,上周周五盘面由于周四大涨四十美元近2%,导致获利有所回吐,美市盘中先涨后跌,但低利率预期仍使黄金价格持稳运行在1220美元之上。   本年度以来,由于金融市场动荡不定国际金已上涨近16%,美联储加息预期的减少也使得黄金价格的存储价值凸显。   这在黄金价格从上周的一年高位1263美元盘整回调,在1190获得支撑后反弹,二次冲高1240一线,短暂的冲高之后,伴随着快速的回撤,多头力度已无往日风范,而若日内不能站上1232位置,空头有望展开新一轮的下跌。   对于日内的操作分析,我们先回顾下本周周评解读:在一波趋势行情中,力度代表空间,连续性代表方向。   对于当前盘面,首先看下力度,上周四夜间冲高之后,给压抑已久的多头带来了一针强心剂,创下1240的单周高点,而在快速的冲高之后,下一交易日亚欧盘持续震荡回落,盘中一度回撤1220一线,回撤幅度达到二十美元。   而黄金价格依托1200为起涨点,整个反弹也不过四十美元,回撤达到一半,幅度过大,晚盘再次冲高1235没能上破周四夜间高点,晚间回撤后虽有多次冲高动作,而皆未破点1235位置,那么不得不说,多头的力度在减弱,而非极强。   而真真的强势就好比上上周周一到周四的走势,冲高之后回踩,二次上攻必破高,这才是强,反弹高点下移就是力度减弱的表现,多头反弹面临衰竭。   其次,连续性,国际金价再看下1108到1263的上涨,一波十连阳,摧枯拉朽的走势,宣誓了多头主权,上涨幅度接近150美元。日线的连阳收线就是多头连续性的表现。而当前盘面,三个交易日的调整之后虽然转阳,大不过两阳而已,转而收阴,连续性并不强。   而当力度,国际黄金价格持续性逐渐消失的时候,我们不得不认为,趋势的延续性被打断,新一轮的行情也是酝酿当中,那么这个时候就要谨防回撤的出现,而不是再一股脑的去做多。   1232作为日内操作的压力位,亚盘持续测试这一线压制不破,欧盘时段可以做空单参与,破1237止损,下看1222一线,破位关注1217位置。   而若亚盘直接震荡回撤,破掉1220低点,那么就可以确立新一轮的下跌开始,多头反弹彻底终结,反抽1227 28即可做空单参与,破1232止损,下看1217,1208一线。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: