Arsenal vs Chelsea statistics the shooting efficiency of the blues gunmen burst-下北glory days

A Senna VS Chelsea: Chelsea were statistical efficiency of shooting gunman after blasting Chelsea away defeat sina sports news Beijing time on September 25th, the sixth round of the Premier League in a London derby, A Senna home court 3-0 victory over Chelsea, Chelsea of the game is not only the number of shots than opponents, shooting are also behind (A Senna on the left and right in Chelsea). Transfer control matched ball rate on both sides matched, 49.8% to 50.2% slightly behind Arsenal, successful passes is 440 more than 445 behind a little, in general both in transmission control are basically the same. Chelsea is the first half shot victory over Arsenal lost 3, shooting efficiency is a big problem, the end of Chelsea until the game when the foot shot is 9 shots, 14 behind the shot is the number 2 to 5, Arsenal shot to help them gain a complete victory, the final. Mesut Ozil sent 3 threat to passing the personal data, Sanchez’s contribution to the whole 4 shots of the highest, only one shot is the goal; Mesut Ozil and William were sent out 3 times the threat passes, are the highest; and in passing on the list, Cazorla and Mesut Ozil occupied the top two. (Callas)相关的主题文章: