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Marketing Advertising Media makes the world go round. As a consumer, you have to admit that without media, you would not know much about the available products and services. As an advertising or marketing professional, it has never been more important to understand the changing media landscape and the explosion of new media options, including advertising costs and advertising media rates. The technology that media uses to provide people with information is constantly changing and advancing. With such change, there is a great need to .prehend what is happening in the world of media. With the huge advancements that advertising media has undergone, concerns have been raised regarding how much people have coped up with these advancements. There is fear that consumers might be inexperienced when it .es with the use of new media. Because of the concerns that have been raised by investors, some people .e up with new solutions. Among these solutions is Thumbnail Media Planner. It aids media professionals, advertising agencies, and advertisers by keeping them updated with the new media trends and advertising costs of media. In order to do this, Thumbnail Media Planner synthesizes hundreds of sources of media information, i.e., media research. This is very convenient since all of this media data is packed into one media planning and media buying reference in a size that fits your pocket. It is termed as a thumbnail media planner because it serves as a short cut tool for planning. It has been created by the director of a huge media agency. With this Media Plan Guide, you will be able to finish fast exploratory media plans. You will also be able to evaluate your fresh ideas and advertising alternatives immediately. You can save your time by getting rid of ideas that are of no sense. You can provide answers to various inquiries during meetings without blinking an eye. All of these things you can do without allotting hundreds of hours trying to decipher your next move. The new Thumbnail Media Planner offers advertising rates and data for all major media. Whether you are interested in the local media or national media, the Thumbnail Media Planner can help you. The Thumbnail Media Planner reports audience, cost, and research for the following: radio advertising, television advertising, newspaper advertising; magazine advertising; inter. advertising; market research; new media; local market advertising; and other markets. No matter which industry you are in, you should know the art and science of media planning and media buying. You should learn the proper application of current trends and data to their current opportunities. You should have a media plan that does not provide you with dead ends. However, you should choose a media guide that can be operated within a matter of minutes; even seconds. With your new Marketing Media Reference, you will be able to make a rough sketch of media plans in less than an hour. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: