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Writing-and-Speaking World is turning smarter with the emergence and ever growing trend of smart phones. They have literally shrunk the size of the universe; the world is in our hands with everything away by just a single touch. Very easily people walk through, play and enjoy the cool applications in their smart phones. The apps are multi-purpose, from fun and gaming to .plex mathematical calculations and emulating scientific devices using artificial intelligence. It really takes a good share of hard work and innovative ideas behind conceptualizing and developing apps for the smart phones. Era of Smart Phones Everything that was previously there on personal .puters and laptops, there is an equivalent version of it meant for smart phones and tablets. In the last decade, Nokia had dominated the market of mobile phones. It was replaced by other market players which have emerged strongly, and have been very successful in carving their niche. IPhone, Samsung, Micromax etc. have been widely used by people these days. The smart phones are as powerful as .puters, except the fact that their configuration is not as superior as a .puter having a sophisticated ultra modern processor. Likewise, the core of the smart phone is its operating system. For Nokia, it was Symbian, and now they have switched on to windows for programming their latest phones, Samsung, Motorola, Micromax and a few others are based on Android. IOS is exclusively based for Apples products- Mac, IPhone and IPad. Android is the most popular choice among people today. It is classy, attractive, easy to use and is constantly evolving. It has Googles backing, the worlds most trusted and reliable search engine. Google has a knack of offering immaculate standards of quality and giving their users way much beyond their expectations. It has maintained the same with Android. From cup-cake to ice cream sandwich, all the versions of android have given the smart phone buffs everything that they wanted, and much more than that. The techno freaks go all gaga over it. Thats why VaaYaa Edutech is preferred for all relevant training in this field. Developing apps Android apps development is fun and a techie can easily begin playing around with the android framework and build apps with their creativity and innovation. A basic knowledge of Java is good to have. The other thing required to .mence development in android is SDK (Software Development Kit). Google has installed all the required library .ponents and APIs needed to begin developing the applications. The next most important thing that your development environment should .prise is an IDE; eclipse is perhaps the most suitable option available today. It needs an ADT plug-in configured in it, to run the android based applications. An emulator can also be setup in order to dry run or test the applications being designed and built before they are released in the market place called Google Play, from where they can be downloaded to be used on the actual platforms. With the tremendous popularity that it has gained, smart phone programming has opened as a highly challenging and rewarding career avenue for a lot of people. There are dedicated graphic designers who give the look and feel to the various screens of the application, take care of the usability factor and make it appealing to the users in order to sell and make huge profits out of it. A developer can code both native applications which are specific for a particular platform and may also go for a hybrid or a web application which is not written in a particular language and can execute on any device. The factor that has to be taken care of while developing hybrid or web applications is that we have to integrate a technology for designing a user interface, such as Dojo, Sencha Touch, Jquery Mobile etc. They are good enough to be used independently, and can render great visual results when .bined together. Other technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 have altogether brought a new dimension in the presentation semantics of mobile applications. More such detailed insights are given in vaayaaedutech.. training centers. Thanks to Honorary Sir Lalit Kumar, founder promoter of VaaYaa Edutech since 2008, that today more people can attain advance wisdom of web technology. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: