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Business The Patent Office is a collection of registered patent attorneys whose single aim is to protect your invention, product or idea. We will conduct a Patent Search to determine if your invention is new and help you determine the right patent application for you, whether thats a Design Patent Application, Provisional Utility Patent Application, or Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application. We will then prepare a professionally drafted patent application and drawings, and file the patent application with the United States Patent Office, which gets you Patent Pending. "You determine your patent expenses" Another aspect of The Patent Office that reflects our goal of empowering inventors is our pricing philosophy. We independently assess and quote each submission and base our fee on two factors: 1.How well you describe your invention to us, and 2.How .plex your invention is. To that end, inventors that submit well-described and relatively simple inventions will be the least expensive for us to prepare. Simply put, The Patent Office gives you the inventor the opportunity to reduce your patent expenses if you put forth a quality effort in describing your invention in your submission. For example, consider an application where the level of .plexity dictates a fee of $1500. 1.A very detailed submission by the inventor would result in a reduction of the fee to $1000. 2.An average submission would be $1500. 3.A submission that is considerably less than average would result in an increase in the fee to $2000. In this example, the difference is a whopping $1000. Although this is just an example, it is a very real situation. The third scenario is more expensive because there are holes in the submission that will have to be filled in order for us achieve the required understanding to draft a proper application. To fill those holes takes extra time and effort on our part relative to the first and second scenarios, hence the additional fees. So do your best to answer the questions fully. "We do it the right way" The Patent Office utilizes a contemporary and concise patent drafting strategy that was developed in response to recent case law, which dictates that the old way of drafting a patent application is simply the wrong way. Patents, and the rules and case law governing them, are constantly evolving. For example, how a patent practitioner would draft a patent application just 7 years ago is .pletely different than how one should draft an application today. The changes dictated by recent case law are so sweeping that a patent practitioners failure to understand the effects of these changes leaves a client at a substantial disadvantage. The Patent Office takes an approach to patent drafting that not only responds to the changes that are affecting each and every client, but also ensures that its clients obtain the greatest advantage possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: