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Hardware Franking machine calculates the total charge and automatically stamps letters or packages passing through it. Franking are the markings attached to mails to qualify for postal service. Franking machine puts a mark on letters and packages used by businesses to show that postage has been paid. Franking can also be in an authorized format in form of stamped impression directly applied by franking machine. Postage Due stamps are also included in postal franking that directs insufficient postage fees collection on delivery. Official business, constituent bulk mails are the sections where franking machine is used. Franking machine also comes in use after getting prescribed by the law. Congressional Frank in United States afforded to Member of Congress is an example. Franking privilege ended in the year 1999 since then mail sent to the President was free of charge in Italy. Franking machine is the most preferred medium to establish mail records and at the same time saves the cost of postage. Business persons should look out for franking machine suitable for them in order to make their work easier. With the help of franking machine one can add logo to their mail items giving it a professional image. Franking machine can make your customers feel well, as it helps to personalize your mail by using advertising messages. The use of franking machine can be done for all types of mails namely special and recorded delivery, overseas mail, letters and parcels. Royal mail issues a franking license if you buy a franking machine from European postal systems. Postage scales combines franking machine which allows the whole process further avoiding mistakes on postage costs, and also saving time and money. There is a difference between stamped mail and franked mail. The procedure for sending stamped mail and franked mail differs. Local mail centre provides pouches, trays and containers free of cost. The supplier should maintain and repair the franking machine from time to time as it is required. While the machine is submitted for repairing, license die should be removed from the post office. Postage and fee will be sent at the mail office counter if cash payment is done. Franking machine is new form of technology adopted in recent times. After knowing about the uses and the flexibility of it, many professionals tend to buy franking machine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: