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Arts-and-Entertainment There are watches for sport, leisure, business and pleasure. These all have a similar thing in .mon – bands made of plastic, leather or metal that serve the .mon purpose of binding the watch to the wearer. They have faces of all shapes sizes and colors that proudly display the time of day. With the many similarities in watch design, the steps taken by Movado to stand out above the crowd are simply remarkable. Over the years the watch has moved from the pocket to the wrist, but few innovations have taken place in the general construct of the casings and the band designs. Enter Movado’s Esperanza and Elliptica Collections. These two innovative collections have revolutionized the construct of the watch in unique ways. The Esperanza collection relies on the classic Movado Museum Watch dial with a single dot marking the 12 o’clock hour. Its revolutionary feature is in the construction of the band, which is neither of leather or simple joined metal links. The Esperanza band delivers an eye-catching performance with its unusual linear links. They resemble staggered lines of metal that are joined together mysteriously and circle the entire wrist. It is a look that is captivating and modern at the same time. Men’s and women’s styles are equally impressive and the perfect match for the business professional or social butterfly. The human body contains few truly flat surfaces on the outside and the wrist is no exception. First introduced in the year 2001, the Elliptica was revolutionary because it featured a curved casing that fit the wrist in a much more natural way. Watches from the Elliptica collection fit the wrist just like a glove. It is a graceful watch, yet with its linear detailing on dial it is still slightly edgy and very popular. Movado went on to construct a variety of pieces with the Elliptica curved casing. There are standard and chronographic models available. With innovations like these, it is no surprise that many of Movado’s watches can be found inside the walls of prominent museums across the globe. Both the Esperanza and Elliptica collections continue in the Movado tradition of turning watches into beautiful and groundbreaking works of art. Few other watchmakers have risen to the difficult task of recreating and redesigning their products in ways that stand out to consumers. If there is one concept that Movado stands by, it is innovation. Movado has a philosophy that promotes the creativity and revolution in watch design. Their approach to design extends beyond functionality and considers the many different kinds of perspectives that a watch wearer assumes. The Esperanza and Elliptica collections are prime examples of innovative concepts that have yielded successful results. These are high-quality timepieces that will provide functionality and enjoyment for many years to .e. Perfect for everyday wear by sports enthusiasts and businesspersons, or as keepsakes and gifts to honor special occasions, the innovative Movado collections have set the bar high for luxury watches. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: