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Entrepreneurialism Rental real estate, vending machines, coin operated businesses, financial investments, and many traditional businesses are wonderful vehicles for passive in.e creation, but they are not easily accessible to a lot of people. These passive sources of in.e are very profitable, but they can take a lot of money to get started. When I first began looking into ways to make automatic in.e, I had absolutely no money to invest in rental properties or expensive business ventures. I didn’t really have any money to invest at all. But because I knew that I needed to create in.e streams that would work for me so that I wouldn’t need to, I kept searching for ways that I could build profitable in.e streams without investing any money. I am happy to say that I found a world of free opportunities for creating free in.e online. It is possible to start making money online and build profitable ongoing in.e streams without investing a single buck. When it .es to investing money to develop passive in.e, usually your money does most of the work and you do not. But when going the free route to financial freedom, you will need to invest more of your time and energy rather than money. But I thought passive in.e was in.e without work? Exactly, and eventually that is what you will have. But it does take time and effort to plant the seeds, sow them, and wait for them to produce passive in.e fruits. And if you are willing to invest the time it takes, you will be able to enjoy many years of financial prosperity and true freedom. Here are a few free ways to make money on autopilot. Content Publishing-The internet runs on information and web content. Publishing content can be a great way to make recurring money online. What do you know a lot about? Share information with the world through article directories and content hubs such as Squidoo. As you gain exposure you will be able to monetize your ever growing following and presence on the internet. Host Your Own Site-Developing your own content rich website can be done free and can earn a substantial amount of money when done correctly. Creating an information rich website can draw in a lot of free traffic from search engines and other traffic sources. High traffic sites are easily monetized with paid advertising, ppc hosting, affiliate marketing, and a wide range of other options. Build a Network-Free network marketing programs are available online that have helped many individuals build large residual Just like with any other free method of passive in.e creation, it takes time and work upfront, but the hard work does not last forever. Build a large network is a great way to develop a leveraged in.e and residual profits. Social Networking-Social networking is not only a time consuming hobby, but can actually be used to generate in.e online. Building a large following on social sites like myspace, facebook, and twitter gives you marketing leverage. As you build a large following you can earn money over and over again by promoting niche related affiliate products and services to your .munity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: