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A new industry benchmark tree   China large "alien" landing in New York Times Square, people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn original title: new benchmark tree industry Chinese large "heterogeneous" landing in New York times square network movie "alien", combined with the idol of dark magic, super luxury production team and other elements, let the the film will lead to various attention from before the shooting, has been the industry as large as breaking. Recently, the "walking" heterogeneous "Castle" gorgeous landing in New York Times Square, in the best international window to attract the eyes of the world, "" the alien "walking the castle" opened a large Chinese film in global journey, film culture and film ecology communion, make people re-examine with "heterogeneous" the "walking Castle" as the representative of the quality of the large space of imagination. At times square in New York Chinese large sea charm as the heart of Manhattan, the New York Times Square, carrying the world’s attention, boarded the New York big screen is more honor and respect of the film itself, "the" alien "walking the castle" as Wang Dazhong as the representative of the few appearances in Times Square in New York, the interpretation of the Chinese the new power network. Looking at the domestic network market, a variety of labels has been the pursuit of the body, crudely made, gone crazy barbaric growth after large, even once into the development predicament, in the audience market, and how big movie theaters as? In the production of content and artistic form, how to get rid of the label crudely made in the film’s cultural ecology? In the network, how to occupy a space for one person? These problems have plagued every large producers. "The alien" "walking Castle" did not reflect the first fire, almost no suspense ushered in a new era in the network, also answer the above problems with their own exploration. The dark magic theme writers difficult, making difficult to deduce and difficult, as the Internet big "forbidden zone", but "heterogeneous" of "walking the castle" to eat crab, combination of super idol lineup and super strength production team has been to the next city. From the special trailers, "visual effects" of the alien "walking the castle" and a compact plot, and mature compared to large favorably.   (: Li Yan, Chen Yuan; commissioning editor) original title: new benchmark tree industry China large "heterogeneous" landing in New York Times Square for ingenuity "sincere" extreme market exploration of heterogeneous media of writer director Zhu Rui, he also said that the director team to do the most stupid people, he will adhere to the original dedication to the heart is not flexible, large is not a speculative product, it needs your business and sincere. Business and sincere is reflected in the "heterogeneous" walking "the castle" in all aspects, from the script itself, to build a new magical world, tells the story of aristocratic descent for family honor guard Gegula planet earth, from crack all kinds of weird mystery stories, in the plot the depth and thickness of the visible. The makers of ingenuity, just writing the script is easy to draft 10 times, only to show suspicions of plot. In the production team, not only with the same as the "Twilight" action director Andy Cheng joint相关的主题文章: