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A: to learn the advanced technology of basketball to inherit the Lakers great Yi Jianlian in the conference center of traditional Phoenix sports news (special correspondent Wang Wenli Shenzhen reported) August 28th Beijing time, Yi Jianlian in Shenzhen basketball center, Yi held a press conference to return to NBA, at the press conference, the United Arab Republic to conceal the Lakers excited, hoping to the continuation of the team great center of traditional. Talking about the reasons for joining the Lakers, the Arab League, said the constant support of the fans is his huge motivation, support my fans do not give up on me, I constantly encourage. Also in the hope that their new season with the Lakers (together), the Lakers are a great team to join this team, is a great affirmation to me, I’m looking forward to, very excited. I hope that the new season will play better and return all the fans who support me. In fact, after the decision to join the Lakers, Yi also had to communicate with Yao Ming, "in fact, Yao Ming also said to me, go to the United States to play, not just play it, but also hope to play to learn more advanced technology, can get more help, help the China basketball future the development, which is currently the most needed. To continue to progress, continue to work hard to learn." Compared with 10 years ago, this return to NBA, a more mature, "the back should keep up with a very different from the age, experience, attitude, and all aspects are completely different, the new season for me to join the Lakers, is a new challenge, I hope to go all out, one can play at this point in time there is better, in a field that has a chance to prove myself. Can break through again." Not surprisingly, the next season, the Lakers will become the only home, China fans in this regard, Yi said, "should not have too much pressure, the Lakers are a great team, is more than the Losangeles team, in China, and even the whole world has a lot of fans, this is because Kobe, O’neal, Johnson created a great, to join the Lakers, I really is a very good opportunity, wish I could be there to help the team." For Guangdong, Yi said, "it should be said that this decision, the Guangdong Hongyuan very understand me, know my heart and change after support, but my relationship with the Guangdong tigers that can’t speak out, for so many years, I grew up there, has also experienced success and failure, including the change of the team now I believe, Guangdong Hongyuan very powerful team, regardless of any time, have enough experience to go through the transition period." As for the Lakers in the next season, the Arab League said, after talking with the coach, but also to understand each other. In the end the Lakers do not fit, or need to start after the game, the most important thing is to play their own. Through their own ability to help the team, it is not appropriate to talk about. Now, the most important is physical health."相关的主题文章: