After the disaster will be penalized 5 million and 7 highest price gouging behavior is prohibited (v

After the disaster will be penalized 5 million and 7 highest price gouging behavior are prohibited from Taiwan network September 19th news (Strait Herald (micro-blog) reporter correspondent Qian Lingling Zhang Ping) after the disaster of price gouging, the maximum penalty will be 5 million yuan! Yesterday, Tong’an District Development and Reform Bureau issued "on the post disaster reconstruction period price policy reminder letter", if there is the opportunity to price hikes, merchant fees, and disrupt the normal order of price hoarding and profiteering behavior, will be subject to a maximum penalty of $5 million. Fabrication of collusion, price information, price gouging, hoarding and profiteering, price fraud and other price violations, if the masses are found, the price can call the hotline: 12358. No 7 kind of unfair price behavior in Tong’an District is one of the most serious damaged regions of the typhoon, the district development and Reform Bureau requires each business in the business activities, abide by laws and regulations, the price of credit management, strictly prohibited 7 kinds of unfair price behavior. 1 collude to manipulate the market price behavior; 2 to fabricate and spread price information, driving up prices, disrupt the market order; 3 in addition to the production of their own use, beyond the normal storage or storage period, a large accumulation of market supply, abnormal price fluctuations in commodity behavior; 4 the use of other means to drive up prices, promote commodity prices rise too fast, excessive behavior; 5 do not perform legal price intervention measures and emergency measures; 6 original fiction, false price, first to discounted prices, misleading price labeling, conceal price and additional conditions for price fraud; 7 according to the provisions of the executive price behavior. Related video: NDRC: China’s international price increases low >相关的主题文章: