After the ticket is cabbage price from Southeast Asia only one thousand yuan

After the ticket is "cabbage price" from Southeast Asia only about a thousand yuan after the National Day holiday, ticket prices of cabbage price, part of the route fell more than 100%. For there are a lot of annual leave in the hands of consumers, time travel peak began. The latest data reporter from a number of travel network announced, rose to more than 20 percent off domestic popular tourist routes National Day during the festival, generally fall below 60 percent off, such as Tianjin to fly to Kunming, "the eleven season" one-way ticket generally in 20 percent off, 2000 yuan, after the price fell rapidly, 10 months late travel can I buy 82% off, the lowest 450 yuan special offer tickets, tickets cost only two people travel during the holidays than can save five thousand or six thousand yuan. National Day during China outbound tourists in Southeast Asia is preferred, ticket prices rise, after plummeting prices, a decline of about five to 70%. For example, the round-trip ticket from Tianjin to Bangkok was as high as 4000 yuan (including tax, the same below), and travel in mid October, from the lowest of about $1660, more than 2000 yuan cheaper. Other popular destinations in Southeast Asia ticket prices also dropped significantly, the minimum round-trip ticket only about a thousand dollars. Such as 10 in mid to late November, the minimum round-trip ticket from Tianjin to Singapore is only $1362, the public can also be removed from Shanghai, Shanghai, Manila, the lowest round-trip ticket from $783. The ticket industry pointed out that the "eleven year" after the civil aviation industry is the traditional off-season, in addition to Shanghai, Guangzhou and some other business routes are still hot, tourist routes ticket prices will appear different decrease. By the end of the holiday, the weather turns cool and other factors, passenger travel peak may wait until new year’s day, Spring Festival and other holidays again.相关的主题文章: