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Spirituality Astral projection is the procedure where one can leave his or her body (i.e. physical body) and travels on the astral plane by his astral body. The term simply denotes the state of an out of body experience (OBE) where a person leaves his or her physical body, souls and consciousness behind and travels on a plane of higher vibration. Whether this is possible or not is not determined with 100% accuracy yet. But practitioners and believers intend to place evidences for it. How to experience, who can learn According to astral projection guide, this travelling can be and is done by everybody, although most of them do not seem to remember or understand it. So learning this technique just means learning how to remember it and how to understand it. Everybody leaves their body at night and does not seem to remember it. Most of us are sure to experience some of such things while we were younger such as the feeling as if we were somewhere else. According to them, although most people can do it as a child, they tend to lose the ability as they grow up. The goal of learning this is to make people able to do it at will. So anybody can learn astral projection if they really try hard. Astral projection and remote viewing Remote viewing is a process almost similar to astral projection where you can view an incident or scene of another place and maybe time. In spite of sounding similar, there are fundamental differences between the two. Remote viewing is the process where one feels to be on the same place and time but can see the incident of another place and time. Here the person is not leaving his physical body behind him/her and also may or may not be able to go at another timeline. But it is different with astral projectors. Here the person is leaving his physical body to take a ride on his astral body and here there is no concept of changing time. Also in remote viewing, the person travels on the same plane (Earth Plane) while in case of astral voyage; the person leaves this plane and travels on another plane called the astral plane. The difference in these planes is known by the differences in vibration. Believers in astral voyage believe that while our physical body is in sleep, we are entitled to engage in our astral body. The physical body just rests at that time. As the astral body can take us to a plane of much higher vibrations, we can actually see radio and TV waves, brighter lights and even our loved ones who have left the earth. Astral viewing, thus, may be.e one of the most important skills that all should learn. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: