Australia super intelligence Wellington start bad League 3 consecutive defeats and not into the 1 ba zhuxianduowan

Australian super intelligence: Wellington poor start to the 3 league defeats and 1 goals were scored on Monday 001             Macao; Melbourne; Wellington Phoenix victory VS       2016-10-31 16:50         team status: Melbourne victory of the season two defeat rivals Melbourne City, once in the League second round home court opponents, another is in Melbourne this week, the victory was again defeated in the FA Cup semi-final in australia. This is a heavy blow to the morale of the team. Lineup, miss the game in midfield captain Valeri was injured, but the front of the West Troy injury, is expected to return to the main. Is this game starting lineup: Thomas Giorgi Jef J Kian Sergiu Llido Na Ziebenharfaraposanich Austin Troy Siebel Liisa Howard of Wellington Phoenix is the start of the season is extremely bad, the last round of League by Sydney FC Ninkovic ninety-second minutes to score a goal, the team lost 0:1 home court, not only the League three defeats, is not into a ball. Squad defender Doyle with a calf injury, the game did not enter the list. Is this game starting lineup: Moss Fukesiliya von den Deulen Te Macklin Chi Bonevacia Fenkner Goering Kerry Gana Barbaro Texas Venue: the game will be held in Melbourne Melbourne home court victory cubic stadium, the temperature is expected for the race day 21 degrees, cloudy weather. The history of the two sides clash record: last season’s Super League in Australia, Melbourne victory on Phoenix 2 wins and losses in Wellington occupy the upper hand of the 1. Phoenix wins the game in their own home. Recommendation: Shengping Fu Sheng @1.43 this season, although Melbourne victory than in the past two seasons to start strong, but Phoenix’s performance is more unbearable, Melbourne victory although captain Valeri was unable to play, but Troy’s comeback west make the team more sharp attack, and between the game with Wellington Phoenix game basic is a tough war. The Gambling company of the game a ball high water opening, Melbourne victory certainly chupan home court advantage, go to the part by injection after a low water, can effectively reduce his heat, but also can reduce the pressure loss, the game wins.相关的主题文章: