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Beijing raid   real estate project; those alleged cover plate reluctant sellers suspended net signed — Beijing Channel – original title: who is to suspend the alleged cover plate reluctant sellers signed remaining houses clearly is 31 sets of buyers who have lied to only two sets; claiming sales, without a license, the Department found no unified record…… Yesterday, the Municipal Construction Committee and the municipal development and Reform Commission and other departments, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau inspection group, at the recent old people reflect the part of the real estate development project property hoarding, drive up prices and other acts. At present, Yizhuang, Fengtai Yi Fu Rui Jinding Park project has been suspended net. Check: action long before when we come to the morning "unannounced visits thoroughly, your sales can not say so!" A long table of the developers and law enforcement officers separated on both sides of this sentence, municipal construction committee, a law enforcement officer, let the opposite of real estate sales rendered speechless. Yesterday, the Municipal Construction Committee of the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to carry out the real estate market inspection. But in the collective action before 4 hours, two Municipal Construction Committee law enforcement brigade detachment investigations have set. Law enforcement officers Kim the main town, he dressed as a person to buy a house, more than 10 points to the sales offices of Yizhuang Development Zone in Rui Jinding real estate, a huge sand table stands out of several buildings, but the sales staff told him: "just over two sets!" However, according to the Municipal Construction Committee Publicity data, the property is still a lot of unsold listings in the stage. The remaining housing where to go? Three sector law enforcement officers arrived at 1 pm sales offices, the first time China began to check how many of the remaining houses Rui jinding. After a lapse of more than half an hour, the sales staff finally took out the project transaction data: 8 office buildings are not signed numbers are 0, but 3B residential building a total of 120 suites, signed a contract of 89 sets, not signed. Half the time, the two set into a set of 31. Sales Office, a person in charge explained to reporters, out of the 29 suites are out, has delivered a deposit. But when law enforcement officers asked him to produce relevant evidence, he said the materials are at headquarters, some people have not qualified buyers." And this sentence is just another important clue, according to the regulations, the developer of the purchase of the purchase of qualifications. Are ordered out, some people still do not have the qualifications of the purchase, which means that the developer is suspected of selling the house to the person without a home." Municipal Construction Committee, a law enforcement officer said. The 5 group of people dead "screening" two in the afternoon, country Rui Jinding sales offices, sales are still to get showings. Cleaning staff at the entrance is on the ladder, the sales team photo bit by bit to pull down. The inspection, including the three departments, divided into five groups, the Municipal Construction Committee from the construction of all the way to check the sales link, the city development and Reform Commission to examine the price field, the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce is responsible for advertising and other aspects. Qualification certificate, business license, contract model, sales control table…… Law enforcement officers each proposed a material, developers of the staff "on the inside", and then with the finger on the table for thousands of A4 paper size material, followed by 35 people wiping sweat over. Can’t really come out.相关的主题文章: