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Relationships "Does God consider every marriage as one that is meant to be?" we have been asked. If God actually chose our partners for us, we could say," Possibly," but He is not a dictator who rules unquestionably. We operate with a free will which sometimes interferes with what is best for us. We make decisions; other people make decisions that influence us; circumstances make decisions for us. Sometimes those decisions are good. Sometimes not. People who think they married the wrong person often are thinking of an old flame from high school, college or singles years – maybe even an ex-spouse. Memories blurred by time can be very misleading. Christopher was sure that if only he could hook up again with his college sweetheart, Amber, he would be content. He found Amber on the internet and walked out of his marriage. She walked out of hers. Unfortunately, he found that nothing was the same as he remembered. He begged his wife to take him back. She didn’t. Anthony didn’t cheat on his wife but she left him anyway. He said to me, "I’m a church going man. I believe the Bible. And the Bible states that God will grant us the desires of our hearts. He hasn’t given me my desires. My wife filed for divorce and my kids are acting up. I can’t pay my bills and my car needs fixing." Anthony was talking about Psalm 37:4. What he skimmed over was the first part of that verse…the condition required before he could get the promise fulfilled The entire verse says, Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart. The Bible is full of promises to better our lives; but connected with most of those promises are instructions and commands. If we ignore them, we suffer the consequences. After we looked into it, it was clear that Anthony hadn’t delighted himself in the Lord by doing what he was told in the Scriptures 1) He hadn’t been the kind of husband that he needed to be in order to keep his wife in love with him; 2) He had an explosive temper that she and their children had undergone more times than any of them could remember; 3) They had bought things they couldn’t afford, including the expensive car he was now driving and were deeply in debt. It’s too late to save Anthony’s marriage because his wife already has remarried, but hopefully he’ll take all of that Bible verse to heart and change his ways. If your marriage isn’t all it’s suppose to be, see if your life is lined up with God’s plan for you. We have to do our part in order to claim God’s promises. That’s why we were given intellect, common sense and knowledge of the difference between right and wrong. We’re here to help you move in the right direction. Whether you have a bum marriage or just one that needs improving and you would like it to become a delightful match, follow the suggestions given in our books and material for men and our books and material for women. You’ll see some good things come to pass. Margaret Hardisty International Best Selling Author Love Relationship Headquarters .loverelationshipheadquarters.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: