Can Anxiety Affect Our Business

Self-Improvement By accepting anxiety as an ally, we can change our business life by acting defensively. We hear in the news that business is king. In the past, we heard that cotton is king, or corn is king, but with greater propriety we may say that the king is that great machine which is kept in motion by the Law of Supply and Demand: the destinies of all mankind are ruled by it. Dani Johnson in her "Spirit Driven Success" series teaches us how to be Kings in the Marketplace. She scripturally teaches business leaders to face their giants of fear, debt and the people that are against them. Anxiety and worry can be over.e by calling upon God’s strength within us. This renewal of our strength on a daily basis can change our lives. Anxiety in the workplace is not always a negative force. When we listen to our gut feelings, we can protect ourselves from harm. When we move beyond our fear by strengthening our courage, we increase our capability for ac.plishment. Anxiety can be a stimulant to stay away from danger, to obey laws and to keep our reputations clean. A brash young entrepreneur achieves success by obstacles in his path. He spends no time being anxious. However, at the pinnacle of financial success, he may be changed by anxiety to develop security for his life after he retires from business. The running of the business world is damaged by whatever creates friction. We cannot do our best when we are worried. We may rush and always be in great haste, and may talk about being busy, fuming and sweating as if we were doing the work of ten people; and yet some quiet person alongside, who is moving leisurely and without anxious haste, is probably ac.plishing twice as much, and doing it better. When anxiety gets out of control to a point where it panic, it not only keeps us from doing good work but may destroy our future success. Anxiety can be the root that causes us to be timid, that paralyzes our action, that causes us to dread going to work or speaking our minds. It can create within us a spirit of dismay and hysteria. Shakespeare said, "Cowards die a thousand times before their death; the brave man never tastes of death but once." Most of the events that we fear actually never occur. Just try to remember what you feared ten years ago. We can change our lives by being prepared to over.e our anxiety by standing on a solid foundation of personal growth. Have you ever seen a business manager who acts towards his employees as the father of Frederick the Great did toward his subjects, caning them on the streets, and shouting, "I wish to be loved and not feared." Ruling through intimidation actually decreases productivity and reduces the feeling of loyalty to that manager. "Growl, Spitfire and Brothers," says Talmage, "wonder why they fail, while Messrs. Merriman and Warmheart succeed." We can change the course of our lives by surrounding ourselves with those who have our best interests and joy in mind. Driven by our desire to avoid anxiety imposed on us by others, it is no wonder today that we are seeking to change our lives by exploring ways to make more money and acquire financial freedom from home. submitted by Amelia Johnson About the Author: 相关的主题文章: