Careless dad did not pull the keys off the two-year-old son started the car trouble-seaway

Careless dad did not pull the keys off the two-year-old son started the car trouble yesterday afternoon at 1:40 PM, Zhejiang resuscitation room, Yiwu Chouzhou hospital, a more than 40 year old woman tearful to ask a doctor for help. She was carrying a two year old son, and her medical staff were checking her husband. Her husband, 43 years old, surnamed Xie, Anhui people, opened a small truck in Yiwu to deliver goods. More than 1 noon yesterday, a solution for a unloading point delivery, the wife and son go to the same car. When the goods are delivered, a car is stopped and the wife jumps off the cab to find the water at the unloading point and unload the cargo. Two year old son sitting in the driver’s cab, watching TV drama with a mobile phone, do not want to get off the car, the couple did not force. After a while, something unexpected happened, only to hear the sound of "bang", and the car started. The couple realized that when they got off the train, they forgot to pull out the key, but the son actually twisted the key with his hand and started the car. The car just stopped on a downgrade, and it was going down, and there was a tree ahead. He opened the door to the side of the car, left leg and upper body stepped into the door, and he quickly pulled out the key. But at the moment the brakes, his right leg was the car hit the tree. After the diagnosis of a doctor, the right medial femoral condyle and fibular head, open fracture, medical staff for his injury emergency treatment, after a solution was admitted to hospital for further treatment.

粗心爸爸下车没拔钥匙 两岁儿子发动车子闯祸昨天下午1点40许,浙江义乌稠州医院抢救室,一名40多岁的女子泪眼汪汪地向医生求助。她怀里还抱着个约两岁的儿子,医护人员正在给她丈夫检查伤情。她丈夫今年43岁,姓解,安徽人,在义乌开小货车给人送货。昨天中午1点多,解某为一家卸货点送货,妻子和儿子同车前往。货物送到后,解某停稳车子,和妻子跳下驾驶室,到卸货点找水喝,准备卸货。两岁的儿子坐在驾驶室,正拿着手机看电视剧,不愿意下车,夫妻俩没有强求。不一会,意想不到的事情发生了,只听“轰隆”一声车子发动了。夫妻俩这才意识到,下车时忘记拔掉钥匙,没想到儿子居然用手扭动钥匙,把车子发动了。车子正好停在一个下坡处,很快往下滑,前方有棵树。解某奋不顾身冲到车头侧面打开车门,左腿和上半身跨进了车门,他迅速拔掉钥匙。但就在刹住车的一刹那,他的右腿被车子撞到了树上。经医生诊断,解某右股骨内侧髁和腓骨小头,开放性骨折,医护人员对他的伤情进行紧急处理,之后解某被收治住院做进一步治疗。相关的主题文章: