Cartoonist ginger Dalian hosted the exhibition and book comic new West Premiere – Beijing rainlendar

Cartoonist ginger Dalian hosted the exhibition and book "comic new West" Premiere – Beijing Beijing in October 23 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) 23, held in Dalian, Liaoning are tu le "? Ginger literati cartoon exhibition", attracted nearly a thousand people in Dalian attended the exhibition, cartoonist ginger also at the scene and released his new book "comic new West". The Northern Arts Publishing House ginger "comic book new journey", given the classical masterpiece "journey to the west" in the Tang Seng and four gods demons with vivid lovely and distinctive cartoon image, the story is very easy to laugh and a long aftertaste, ginger with humorous humorous yet critical attitude, create with a powerful and unconstrained style through the ancient imagination and interpretation, composed of the 186 pieces of highly personal style of the "new journey" four comics. On the same day, cartoonist ginger and art lovers and readers to share their way of artistic creation experience, and reflect the guest live interaction with fans online exchange. At the same time, produced by the road opposite the drama studio network drama "the west" Dalian Road opposite the creative team debut will sing at the scene. Activities on the day of Dalian cooling, but did not stop the majority of readers to the fifteen library, the chart Le Le pace. Sing at the scene warm atmosphere, ginger and readers frequently interact, also for the fans of impromptu painting. Reporters on the scene saw many readers holding a stack of new West "waiting" comic ginger signature, there are many art lovers, in the cartoon exhibition of pictures, pictures…… There are also some young people to see the cartoon fun. It is reported that the "painted music, ginger and comic works exhibition" lasted a week, rich and colorful. It is worth mentioning that, ginger will "new West" comic ending by the blank, readers imagination free. (end)相关的主题文章: