Catch a snake and sell drugs manufacturing scam magic wine — Jiangxi astronomical deceptive

Catch a snake and sell drugs manufacturing scam   "magic wine" — Jiangxi astronomical deceptive channel — there is a group of "skilled" catching "snake", they caught the snake always abnormal wonderfully appear in your eyes, just like the advance performance. More amazing is that every time they caught the snake will bite, but this does not prevent the "life as price" of the show, in the most critical moment, they will always come up with homemade magic "wine", just put on a bit, "catch the snake venom immediately resolved," immediately turned the corner. But that is not the case, this is not just a clever hoax, clumsy performance just trick you pulled out of money, buy the price of magic "wine", September 20th, Yichun City Public Security Bureau Yuanzhou Lu village police station arrested 9 such "catch a snake". The "catch the snake" sell the magic "wine" captured "catch the snake" villagers alarm, five thousand yuan to buy expensive wine police action within two days, nine suspects arrested in September 18th, police received a public warning: Ashi Mura said in the fields of farming, in two claiming to be Xi Yulin’s "catch the snake wide" in the process of grasping the anti snake bitten, later with a "wine", namely the venom solution, see the "magic" of the scene, in addition to "agitate catch snake" adding the trimmings, alarm people spent 5000 yuan to buy 1 pounds of "wine", then people feel more and more do not alarm right, that has been cheated. After receiving the alarm, Ashi Mura police according to the clues provided by the police, the suspect’s action trajectory tracking, the transfer of the suspect through the video monitoring line, through careful investigation, the police confirmed that the suspect finally settled in a hotel in Yichun city in. Subsequently, the police suspect in the investigation spots near the hotel, at the same time, the transfer of the hotel accommodation registration, accommodation through query records, police found and checked not only people’s report mentioned in the two suspects, there may be a fraud gang. Then the night police investigation, to find out the basic situation and determine the gang and personnel after 22:30 on September 20th Xu, to assist Ashi Mura police station in the city, district public security organs, take the net action, captured suspected of fraud in this hotel 9. After investigation, the suspect Wang Moujun, Yu Mousheng, Jie a East 9 per capita for Lianjiang city and Guangdong city of Zhanjiang province. The illegal suspects residence for inspection, more than 40 Cobra searched out in the home, and a large number of similar "yellow wine". Miraculous, miraculous wine solution moment to tempt the appetite after venom at large the better to apprehend him, lead people to be deceived, by asking the review of 9 criminal suspects, the case gradually surfaced. This is a specially designed for the elderly in rural areas over the age of 60 fraud. At present, has verified more than 10 cases, the victims of the masses more than 10 people, involving Lu Village in Yuanzhou, Sanyang Town, cypress Township, Binjiang Town, Xintian Town, Hongtang Town, township, city Feijian Tan Xiang and formula of Wanzai County, Xinyu City, Fenyi county and other places; each fraud gold)相关的主题文章: