Chen Guangbiao has a duty to prove his story baxia

Chen Guangbiao has the obligation to prove their "story" about Chen Guangbiao in the end is the "top philanthropist" or "first cheat" struggle, after a while ago became calm and cause a shocking commotion. It seems that Chen Guangbiao was not hurt, but Chen Guangbiao famously sued the media, and opened a reporter’s question, and a "dealer" strong chimed in press conference. Around Chen Guangbiao’s argument, although due to charity, but a lot of specific reasons and charity is not a matter of fact, but a matter of integrity, business ethics and even the law. For example, recently more concerned about whether Chen Guangbiao thin cut stomach, which has nothing to do with charity. Charity is, of course, a good thing, and even high-profile publicity to do charity is not a problem, but no one can do charity, it is free from criticism, from supervision. These years Chen Guangbiao must have done some good deeds, he is familiar with the media said the old man said, he donated a total of May 30 million yuan to 2 billion yuan, but the control Chen Guangbiao himself preached, a little surprising disparity. So, Chen Guangbiao selectively come up with some bills, said he had done a good deed, it is difficult to achieve effective cross examination and the media. He has a duty to prove that he has done great things for himself". For example, the most familiar to the community, the Wenchuan earthquake, he was a few dozen construction machinery went to the disaster area, and even opened up the road leading to the core of the disaster, is this the case? Although a similar question everywhere, but Chen Guangbiao’s response is indeed difficult to satisfactory. He is known to be good at "charity speculation", whether it is active "news", or in response to questions, the core routine is repeated, the highly publicized he did good, but for the core issue of media attention, or keep from talking about, or vague, "headlines" skills can be said to be perfect. The end result is that Chen Guangbiao has always been controversial, always attract attention, he did not hesitate to use the first good celebrity to attract business to promote the product. Charity to charity, business to business, which in Chen Guangbiao seems completely inappropriate. For this charity, I’m afraid is more harm than good. Now, even the most ardent supporters of Mr Chen Guangbiao, the most common reason is, "no matter what he’s got, he’s got money". If Chen Guangbiao is the charity but the so-called "Robin Hood", is not to a civilized society of great irony? Because of doing good, do not pay attention to possible lies and deception, which is the most controversial Chen Guangbiao needs to be wary of thinking. Concerned about the charity Chen Guangbiao, not just for the donation over, but on his honesty, truth itself, because it is a more fundamental problem of society. A dishonest, ethical society, high-profile charity will have a talk simply too? In view of the Chen Guangbiao controversy around so much in the charity before the first clear about the question of fact and law, aiming at professional questions, Chen Guangbiao should come up to verify the evidence, including donations of bills, vouchers, to test the authenticity of the seal. Don’t throw some big words, even to seize the moral high ground.相关的主题文章: