Chengdu women spend about 1000000 to buy the haunted house did not think that the court sentenced tsumori chisato

Chengdu women spend about 1000000 to buy the haunted house did not think the court sentenced "such as the daily life of housing, it is not only a separate living space, but the necessary carrier of living, people carrying many emotional factors, therefore, it is always possible in kyrgyzstan." The Chengdu intermediate people’s court wrote in his judgment that. In order to improve housing conditions, Ms. Peng spent about one million to buy a set of high-tech zones in the house of the three. Who knows in the decoration of the house she knew, had died, it is often said that the "haunted house". "Xiongzhai" let Ms. Peng has a great psychological shadow, she found the house sold Ms. Chen check-out request, but did not tanlong. Ms. Peng lawyer Ms. Chen to court, asked to check out, and compensate for the losses. Court of first instance held that the death is not a major flaw, the seller does not have the legal obligation to disclose the initiative, the ruling rejected her appeal, but ms.. The Chengdu intermediate people’s Court of second instance that, according to the principle of good faith and respect for traditional customs, the seller will be responsible for non normal deaths to the buyers, truthfully disclose the obligation to inform the seller and conceal the important information and housing related, their behavior violated the principle of good faith. Finally, the Chengdu intermediate people’s Court of second instance commuted to Ms. Chen, Ms. Peng the return of the purchase of 1 million 193 thousand yuan, and compensation for housing exchange occurred Ms. Peng losses more than 4 yuan. Not long ago, after enforcement, Ms. Peng has got the money. A week: Yibin Hotel pick slip female thermal field of Sichuan caught female celebrities charming girl Chengdu rent urban hard life to save money coed two slobber power dam filling amount equivalent to 6 real Club White Formica nest corrupt life women buy "Xiongzhai" Sue check out money Ms. Peng said, in order to improve housing conditions. In November 2014, she signed a purchase contract with Ms. Chen, spend 1 million 193 thousand yuan to buy a high-tech zone of a set of 124 square meters of the three bedroom house. In order to raise money, Ms. Peng will live two bedroom house, and pay the purchase loans. Ms. Chen will be transferred to the house to the name of ms.. From the house, Ms. Peng started decoration, decoration in their community occurred in jumping events, then, Ms. Peng was surprised to learn that from the neighbors, he spent about one million to buy a house also had minor jumping thing. After that, Ms. Peng confirmed by the district industry committee of this information – the evening of February 3, 2013, Ms. Chen’s daughter fell from the case involving the housing bedroom, the 120 site rescue, after the hospital confirmed death. Accordingly, Ms. Peng felt that the house had a non normal death, a major flaw in the commodity, the price has been significantly devalued, and Ms. Chen is still sold in the market value, obviously unfair. And Ms. Peng and only 4 year old daughter living alone in the house, after knowing the situation had a great psychological shadow, and Ms. Chen was hiding in the house while the situation, constitute fraud. And Chen female相关的主题文章: