Chinese Eryi 3 participating repertoire 2016 national art troupes show season – Beijing

Chinese Eryi 3 participating repertoire "2016 national art troupes show season" – Beijing, Beijing, September 4 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) by the Ministry of culture organized the "2016 national art troupes show season" will pull the curtain, Chinese Eryi only as a children’s drama in this show season activities performance groups. There will be "the king", in Tom Migu "time" Malan Flower "forest" and the three plays 9 performances. Among them, "time forest" is the first landing of Chinese children’s theater. In September 9, 10, 11, Chinese Eryi first staged by the magic of the original children’s interpretation of reality drama "time forest" lead the size of a friend on time and love adventure. After the play as the sixth Chinese children’s Theatre Festival Closing ceremony only a premiere in Huairou repertory theatre. To participate in the national art troupes performances, the play is also the first landing Chinese children theater. "Time" by the forest rich and diverse artistic means for the play over the magic color, but also guide the size of the audience to think. Director Jiao Gang said: "a good children’s play is not only to bring laughter to the children, but can cause the child to think, when they go out of the theater, and parents can go to explore their feelings. We hope that through the ‘time forest’ called on parents to pay more attention to the children’s thinking, to think about the current children and parents to get along with the attitude, communication and other practical issues." This weekend at the children’s Theatre of China, the children’s play, "king of the valley", was jointly launched by China and finland. The play adapted from the Finland children’s literature master figure Yang Song reed? Classic drama, the biggest beauty is the imagination, no good and evil distinct, no conflict is too strong, but filled with a touch of the little happy little fantasy, little sad, even very young children can read. September 15, 16, 17 will be staged in China children’s Art Theater, "the treasure of the town" fairy tale "horse orchid". The play has been performed more than 2000 Games, Chinese Eryi became the most popular, the highest attendance medal repertoire. The new revision of the sixth edition of "Malan Flower" Chinese Eryi gathered three generations of artists, the new generation of actors from the old artist to pick up the baton, to bring the audience a feeling of youth and new atmosphere, achieve the greatest degree of the heritage". It is worth mentioning that, during the season, in order to let the children of disadvantaged groups can enjoy a high level of children’s play, close drama charm, will be designed for poor families, orphans and disabled children and other disadvantaged groups of children free public votes. China Eryi Dean Yin Xiaodong said: "China Eryi specially selected classical repertoire, foreign classic fairy tale drama, reality theme children’s drama each department to participate in performances, in order to reflect the China Eryi three simultaneously" creative ideas. The exhibition not only for outstanding drama China arts show stage, but also to build a good platform for the cultivation of talent and talent show Chinese eryi." (end)相关的主题文章: