Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra will open sixteenth Concert Season ushered in many new network – Maes

Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra will open sixteenth Concert Season ushered in many Maestro – Beijing, Beijing in August 31 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) Chinese Philharmonic announced the 31 2016-2017 music program. In the coming sixteenth season, the orchestra has prepared 22 symphonic concerts, 1 operas and 3 sets of chamber music concerts, guest musician strong and rich repertoire will constitute the main body of new music season, low fare policy and the continuation of years of tradition to ensure that the audience as low as the price of 30-50 yuan enjoy a world-class concert season. In this season, the world-renowned Maestro will return to Nimes? Chinese dimensional Jahr Philharmonic in after six years; early in 2001 for the first time the Poland philharmonic orchestra conductor Chinese Maestro Christian, Pan Delie’s music? Will once again join hands with the orchestra. In addition, Maestro Kaspszyk, Yaqieke? Claus? Peter? Flor, active in the international music line leaders will also return to China Philharmonic Orchestra stage, respectively, to bring their masterpiece. As of this year, only an opera production – Benjamin Britten? "A Midsummer Night’s dream", as the command will be the 77 year old British conductor Stillwater? Baird Clifford, he served as director in 1973 the Britten opera "death in Venice" was performed for the first time, is worthy of a Britten Opera expert field, and he will be the first time in cooperation with the Chinese Philharmonic orchestra. From the Greek violin superstar Leonidas? Card kovaks in music season opening, playing Brahms’s Violin Concerto, which will also be the first time he played the Violin Concerto in Beijing; German violinist Isabel? Forster concert in Beijing will be Chinese Forster is her debut, including Claudio? Many Maestro Abbado, the most favorite violinist, she will bring their most famous Schuhmann Violin Concerto; Berlin Philharmonic young handsome chief violinist Noah? – Bendix Bagre will play his own creative "Violin Fantasy", to show the full range of musical talent. In addition, with the China Philharmonic Orchestra Zhang Yi had many great conductors of cooperation in September 11th will be the first time directing music season opening ceremony; Yu Feng, Tan Lihua, Xia Xiaotang, Lin Daye, Huang Yi, Jing Huan excellent China conductor will show their masterpiece in the music season. As an important symbol of the national flagship symphony, Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra will be in the new music season to European and American tour, so that China’s cultural soft power to promote and extend in the world. (end)相关的主题文章: