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Love Diamonds are one of the most desired .modities by many women worldwide. As a matter of fact, if you are a man and would like please your woman, what better way to do it than give her fine jewelry with diamonds. Of course, these precious stones aren’t cheap; a piece could already cost you a month of your annual salary, or if you’re going after the rare ones better prepare at least two or three months of your earnings. However, if you would really like to cement your love with diamonds, you could actually do so without emptying your pockets and you can do this by settling for pieces that are enhanced in some aspects of their features. Clarity is one of the most vital features of a diamond as it serves as a determining factor to know the real market value of such gemstone. For example, untouched loose diamonds are expensive because they do not exude imperfections and inclusions making their clarity high in grade. However, there are in the market today what are known as clarity enhanced sparklers. Unlike expensive flawless diamonds, these sparklers have lower price tags because of the clarity manipulation carried out to make them visually appealing. Clarity enhanced diamond is a diamond that had exemplify eye visible imperfections. Meaning it is a stone that originally had lower clarity grade, and because nobody wants to have a diamond that has eye visible imperfections, its inclusions are treated so as to make them invisible to the naked eye. Once the enhancement is carried out, there would be no discernible differences between enhanced and untouched diamonds. Such types of diamonds are also called "fracture filled diamonds." There are several ways on how the enhancement process can be done to achieve clarity enhanced diamond. The most .mon of which is drilling wherein a tiny hole is drilled into the diamond to remove minerals or elements that often causes discoloration. Drilling is usually done with the aid of laser, which is capable of neatly creating a tiny hole towards the stone’s inclusion. After this, the diamond may be left with a small fracture which would be filled with a heavy glass that is definitely unnoticeable by the naked eyes; this latter process is also referred to as fracture filling. If you are to buy a diamond, always remember that diamonds that have underwent augmentations aside from basic cutting, cleaning and polishing should be disclosed by the jeweler to the buyer as this is clearly indicated in the FTC rules. However, if you really want to be sure before you make your purchase, you could ask the jeweler if you could have the diamond appraised by a different appraising firm. Always put in mind that a clarity enhanced diamond has exemplify no aesthetic difference with untouched diamond. Hence, the best course of action is for you to have it tested in order to know if your diamond choice has undergone treatments or not. If you’re a guy who’s looking for a decent looking sparkler but you are a bit tight on budget, clarity enhanced sparkler is always a good consideration. If all the other traits of the enhanced diamond are in excellent condition, and the diamond itself is visually clean in grade, don’t let the thought of enhancement discourage you from taking it as recourse. Like untouched diamonds, treated sparklers also befit well with fine jewelry pieces of all kinds and are guaranteed to last for a lifetime. As such, enhanced diamonds may have some aesthetic limitations, but for sure they would invaluably express your love the same way as flawless diamonds does. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: