College students fangpian test how many points you can get You will not fail easeljs

College students "fangpian" test how many points you can get? You will not "fail"? SMS fraud "let students move on the spot. In order to improve Freshmen’s awareness of fraud prevention, September 9th morning, Chancheng Public Security Department of Foshan University jointly organized a "fangpian test", as a new safety lesson. "If your bank card is stolen by remote, what should you do?" More than and 100 students participated in the "anti cheat test", according to the answer, more than 75% of students do not know how to deal with this situation or can not effectively protect themselves. In addition, the freshmen in online shopping, winning the title "the weakest point. Anti cheat test average of 76 students failed the test paper is used in high frequencies according to the area of Chancheng public security real case and social means of fraud and adapted into "multiple choice" and "judgment" and "Situational Questions" in three parts, covering the students may encounter telecommunications fraud, fraud, fraud and other job seekers were killed for various types of scams, have very strong practicability. After 20 minutes of examination, the audience is divided into a maximum of 91 points, the lowest score of only 45 points, the average score of the students were 76 points of the score of 100. "Even if you are 99, but as long as a button that, there are loopholes in the prevention, to give criminals an opportunity." Police introduction. Surprisingly, in a question and answer session, students said, "in the online shopping can be opened when the remote assistance let the customer to control their computer, there are students that the answer can remind operators receive points for the bill when prompted, click on the link in the message can be in exchange for the bill". In fact, these are likely to come from the pseudo base sent SMS fraud, click the link after the phone will be implanted virus, even in accordance with the guidelines to operate SMS, will eventually be cheated transfer. Receive SMS fraud "on the spot after a student caught in the process of answering, a mobile phone SMS ringtone ringing in the classroom. The new Kobayashi took out his mobile phone messages, found that this is a "short message service" of a telecom operator sent, content as "Dear customer Hello, with your counsel, any Gators freshman student ID login a website registered for iPhone 7 7Puls 32G 128G, 256G zero per purchase". Kobayashi immediately curious place to open, but found that the page pops up a fooled! Cheated out of it?" The picture. It turned out that this is the police holding a pseudo base station launch equipment fabricated fraud sms". Subsequently, the police introduced the pseudo base fraud modus operandi and prevention techniques. It is reported that the next Chancheng will try to establish cooperation mechanism in public security prevention and Foshan University and other colleges and universities, through the development of "fangpian micro film script writing contest" and "fangpian micro novel contest and other forms, to strengthen college students’ anti propaganda.相关的主题文章: