Comparing Electronic Cigarettes To Conventional

Health Before venturing to compare electronic cigarettes to conventional cigarettes, it will be important for us to establish some criteria upon which we can make the comparison. That is after making the distinction between the two. The distinction is in the fact that when you make use of traditional cigarettes, what you pull into your mouth – and by extension lungs – is smoke, which contains nicotine (among other compounds). On the other hand, when you make use of electronic ones, what you pull in is a vapor. It is, indeed, on this account, that making use of conventional cigarettes is widely termed as ‘smoking,’ whereas making use of electronic ones is widely termed as ‘vaping.’ Now as a person considering making the switch from conventional smoking to electronic ‘vaping,’ you are likely to find a side by side comparison of the two handy. That is precisely what we venture to provide you with: a side by side comparison of the smokeless cigarette and the conventional cigarette. Our comparison will be with respect to cost, convenience, safety and pleasure. 1.Cost: The conventional one, as a stick, is much cheaper than the smokeless cigarette. But whereas it is a consumable (in that you will use it only once), the smokeless cigarette turns out to be a device you will be using for long. Indeed, with proper care, you can use the electronic cigarette for years. You only need to be refilling it with the liquids/solutions to be vaporized. Keener analysis will reveal that the traditional cigarettes are cheaper than smokeless cigarettes, but in the long run, electronic cigarettes are more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes. Cheapness and cost-effectiveness are two different things. 2.Convenience: there are many places where you can’t smoke, but where you can ‘vape’ an electronic cigarette. On this account, then, you can’t even start comparing conventional cigarettes to smokeless cigarettes in terms of convenience. In a bid to protect people from second-hand smoke, there are many instances where you will find yourself having to leave rooms, if you want to enjoy a puff (of conventional cigarette).. But given the fact that an electronic cigarette does not produce second-hand smoke, you can ‘vape’ almost anywhere – and nobody will be inconvenienced. This is a great advantage, especially in this day and age, when the whole planet has become a huge no-smoking zone, with only a few scattered spots where smoking is allowed. 3.Safety: considering the huge number of fires caused by traditional cigarettes, the use of such convention cigarettes has come to be viewed as a highly hazardous activity (in the fire-causing context). The fact that electronic cigarettes don’t produce any open flames which can in turn cause fires makes such smokeless cigarette usage a much safer habit, in this context. 4.Pleasure: opinion is divided here, but a good number of people who get the chance to use electronic cigarettes seem to be of the view that such electronic cigarettes are considerable more enjoyable than traditional cigarettes. At the very least, people who have had the chance to make use of an electronic cigarette say that the electronic cigarette measures up to the conventional cigarette, in terms of pleasure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: