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SEO If you already have your own blog, I am sure you’ve heard of the Authorize Network. Well, just in case you haven’t, the Authorize Network is an amazing blogging platform that allows anyone to be able to market online! When you sign up with the Authorize Network you get a wordpress blog complete with hosting, lead capture page and sales funnel! This is as close to ‘just add water’ as you can get! Building backlinks from your Authorize Network blog to your own personal blog will help build your credibility on the internet! What does the Authorize Network have to do with backlinking? To understand what a quality backlink is, it is imperative to understand PageRank. PageRank was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google. Larry Page’s ‘WebCrawler’ started in March 1996, starting from his own Stanford homepage. Page and Brin developed the PageRank algorithm to convert the backlink data into a measure of importance. Feel free to Google Larry Page to get the rest of the story. The Authorize Network already has a PageRank of 1 PageRank has a rating of 0 to 10. When all sites start out, they start out at zero. Only sites like Google and Yahoo have a PageRank of 10. Sites like E-zines and Hub pages have a PageRank of about 5 or so. Personal blogs have a PageRank of 0 to 3 – on average. Some rank around 4 or 5. Achieving PageRank takes time, credibility, and backlinks (references). The higher your PageRank, the more ‘important’ the site is. The Authorize Network is a month old, and has a PageRank of 1. Most sites take a year to get there. Get quality backlinks by linking your blog to your Authorize Network Blog When your personal site has a backlink (reference) from a site with a PageRank the same or higher than yours, that is a ‘quality’ backlink. The more ‘quality’ backlinks you have, the more relevant your site appears to the search engines. When your site appears to be ‘important’, it will rank higher in the search engines. Since the Authorize Network already has a PageRank of 1, connecting the two blogs together will give you a quality backlink for your blog. EXPOSTURE! Action Step – Whenever you submit a blog post to your personal blog, connect it to a blog post on the Authorize Network and vice versa. Remember, the Authorize Network isn’t just any ordinary blog. When you refer someone that signs up for an Authorize Network blog, you receive 100% commission! If you’re blogging daily, this is an opportunity for you to blog and generates leads and income! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: