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Dalian: "eleven" began to comprehensively improve the tourism environment – Liaoning Channel – People’s original title: Dalian "eleven" began the comprehensive improvement of tourism environment "eleven" golden week began, Dalian city should carry out comprehensive improvement for the tourism environment. Yesterday afternoon, the meeting of strengthening the service quality of the bathing beach and the surrounding environment remediation meeting was held in the International Conference Hall of Dalian municipal government. Lu Lin, standing committee member of Dalian Municipal Committee and vice mayor, attended the meeting and spoke. Since this summer, Dalian city for the return of public Pro sea power, make great efforts to straighten out the beach surrounding environment, made some encouraging progress. But there are still citizens and tourists to reflect the inadequacies of management. The day before, the reporter for more than a month of unannounced visits in Dalian city were ten beach, found a lot of problems caused by city leaders attach great importance to city tourism bureau takes the lead, called the City Urban Construction Bureau, the municipal comprehensive law enforcement bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the district government departments and ten relevant responsible person to join the beach the meeting. Lu Lin requested at the meeting, from the "eleven", the relevant departments of the municipal government to form a joint inspection team, to Dalian city attractions, launched a comprehensive assessment from the quality of service, environmental health, quality of personnel, the safety of tourists and so on, in the news media after the publication of the results. All tourist attractions should formulate strict service standards, dedicate good products, and improve the overall level of tourism environment in Dalian. (reporter Xue Ying) (Tang Long yuan, commissioning editor: filial piety)

大连:“十一”开始综合整治旅游环境–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:大连“十一”开始旅游环境综合整治   “十一”黄金周开始,大连市要针对旅游环境开展综合整治。昨日下午,加强海滨浴场服务质量及周边环境整治会议在大连市政府国际会议厅召开。大连市委常委、副市长卢林参加会议并讲话。   入夏以来,大连市为归还市民亲海权,下大力气清理整顿了各海滨浴场周边环境,取得一些可喜进展。但仍有市民和游客反映管理中尚有不足之处。日前,记者针对大连市十余处海滨浴场进行了为期一个多月的暗访,发现不少问题,引起市领导高度重视,要求市旅游局牵头,召集市城建局、市综合执法局、市公安局、各区政府等部门和十家浴场相关负责人一起参加了会议。   卢林在会上要求,从这个“十一”开始,市政府相关部门要组成联合检查组,深入到大连市各个景点,从服务质量、环境卫生、人员素质、游客安全等方面展开全面考核,之后在新闻媒体上公布结果。各旅游景点要制定严格的服务标准,奉献出好的产品,提升大连旅游环境整体水平。(记者雪婴) (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: